Cristina Jorge

It was wonderful working with Design Contest. Always ready to help me whenever I needed them. I love the final illustration. It was a great experience.

$225 paid

7 custom designs

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Winning design #7 by Nastha, Illustration Design for Cristina Jorge Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Nastha

Project description

The illustration design is for a board game. 

A mountain with a pathway starting from the bottom curving up to the top. Pathway consists 72 equal size squares. (Pathway squares will be in different colors but I will give you the colors when revisions are being made.) Mountain with trees, bushes, rocks, flowers, village with houses, school, church,  all scattered around the mountain. Game board will be a 18"x 18" square. The design of the mountain will be the same for all 4 players so repeat illustration for all sides of the board. Have it colorful and fun. Game is for kids 6 yrs old to 14 yrs old.
File Types accepted: jpg, bmp, png, gif, tiff
Min resolution 5400 x 5400 pixels
Max file size 300MB
Color Mode: RGB or CMYK for color images

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  • Thank you very much for your feedback. Here is my corrected design. I'v also did few other changes (objects placement and castle look). I hope I got closer to your expectations. #7
  • This is my design for you. Feel free to contact me if you would like to make any changes to design. #6
  • Yes, each side/player has a pathway starting from the bottom of the mountain to the top with 72 squares.
  • Yes, my initial idea was to have 4 mountains in the full illustration, the same mountain on every side. But what ever you prefer is fine as long as the 4 separate pathways for each side are all exact number squares (72) and color sequence . Also, if you can make the top of the mountain like a castle, each side having an entrance. Thanks and good luck!!!
    • @decordoba9982 Thank you for the guidelines, just one last question. Does each side/player have 72 squares or its totall of 72?

  • hello,
    just a question about the mountain illustration. As far as I understand the brief, You want the illustration of the mountain on every side for each player, so that makes 4 mountains in the full illustration or do you want one mountain that corresponds with each side of the board ?