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Winning design #50 by Kristina2912, Illustration Design for DeVani Art Design Contest
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designed by Kristina2912

Project description

Im starting an art company that makes large contemporary wall artwork (Ex 36" W X 48" H) made out of MDF wood and flat steel sheets. I want to have different themed illustrations cut out of the flat steel sheets with a CNC Router Machine or Laser Jet Machine (like a stencil effect). My art pieces will be painted with auto paint and my target audiences are luxury car guys such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin ect. For my first illustration Im looking to have a contemporary / modern version of the Lamborghini fighting bull logo without it saying, "Lamborghini"(Just want the bull illustration). I want the art to have a Lamborghini feel without advertising the Lamborghini name. So if Lamborghini came out with a new modern version of their logo what would it look like? Illustrations need to be minimalistic yet luxury with a line art feel. Basic illustration with minimal lines is key since it needs to be cut out of metal. If the design can be in a TIFF file that would be best since thats what the CNC programs requires. 

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  • I made the changes. I hope you will enjoy. If other changes are required, please let me know. Sincerely, Christina. Thank you. #49
  • Can you make the tail more in a up word position. Id like to see what that looks like.

    Thanks #12
    • @devin14carson Hello! Thanks for the feedback. I will make a change. With best wishes, Christina.

  • #sir please check it and give your feedback and rating. added mockuped version of that.
    • @vrstudios Love it! Can you provide them image in several file formats that are compatible with most cnc machines. I read online that a dfx. format is common but Im unsure about this type of stuff. Maybe you know better than me? I looks great

    • @devin14carson - Dear, this design is stolen, therefor we have already removed it. Designer is banned for various stolen art. DC moderator

    • @Babba ok thanks for looking out! I really appreciate it.

    • @devin14carson - I apologize for inconvenience. This designer has created another account "FRANKCREATIONS", which is banned again. All designs were stolen. Kind regards, Sandra DC moderator

  • Hello. Please check my design. Thank you. #35
  • please check it and give your feedback and rating. added mockuped version of that #33
  • sir i mockuped this design as you wanted. please check this and give your feedback and rating.. #
  • Good day sir, kindly see my entry as our revision, This is the outcome from your idea that i separate the head from the body to distinguish that it is a bull and now This is great. I hope you like it, Thank you so much. #26
  • About #18, @weiesnbach Yeah if you can drop the sun and put it into the metal look like the other I think we should be good. I really like a lot! Great Illustration
  • About #17, @rbm17all I really like it! I love that it has a contemporary look to it. Is there any way you want separate the head from the body a bit more. When its in the metal look it makes it tough to distinguish that its a bull.
  • Made the eye a bit more aggressive, and dropped a sun in the background. It can easily be removed if it's not to your liking, or I can expand on that idea, maybe add some rays coming off the sun, a mountain range, etc., etc.

    ...I was actually considering adding some rays, but I didn't know the final size of this. #18
  • Good day sir, kindly see my entry for your contest, as you can see i made the head downward like its ready to break something., I made the detail more thicker and grouped together, I hope you like it, Thank you #17
  • Rounded off the inner angles, cleaned up the paths, added some details on the face, and made a mock up to put it into context. Still only two distinct solids. Shown are a mock-up, outline and the solid. #6
    • @weiesnbach Love it! Can you give the bull a bit more of an aggressive eye. Just want to see what it looks like

  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback. I presented a different design, I hope you like it. If you need any changes or have any questions, please let me know. With best wishes, Christina. Thank you. #7
  • Hello! I hope you will enjoy. If you need any changes, please let me know. With best wishes, Christina. Thank you. #4
    • @Kristina2912 I love the angle and shape. Can you make the face a bit less detailed or a more realistic feel to it. This has more a mascot feel to it so maybe a less detailed face. If that makes sense. Im selling to high end car buyers.

  • The actual design is the white area, because I am assuming if you are cutting it from metal it will be the lighter element in the mix. It looks complicated but there are actually only two shapes, the many body, and the single light area on the back.

    I'm not sure how tight you can get the inner angles, and I can round them off if needed. The outer angles shouldn't be a problem. #5
    • @weiesnbach I really like it. I agree think the inner edges will need to be a bit rounded off so the machine will be able to cut them. Other than that I really like it.

  • About #3, @arnoldvanrooij Love it bro. Can you see if you can add some particle dust motion behind the back left foot and see if it gives it more character. Also Im going to have a lot more illustrations Im gonna need. Can I just use you specifically or do I have to use you on here?
    • @devin14carson I'd love to do more illustrations. There is a one-on-one section on this site where you can invite me. I'm going to give the dust particles a try but wouldn't that be impossible to cut out of metal by cnc?

    • @arnoldvanrooij Yeah your probably right! Lets just stick with this one.

  • Seen more from the side. Hope you like it #2
    • @arnoldvanrooij Love it! Can you make the eyes a little more menacing? Since it pertains to Lamborghini guys I want it to look badass / aggressive? Maybe more of a triangular shape for the eyes. Other than that is looks freakin sick

    • @devin14carson Thanks, baddass bull comming right up :D

  • Also can you see what it looks like to do particles of dust of the action of dust behind his rear foot. Just want to see if it gives it more character.
  • A first approach. Please let me know what you think. #1
    • @arnoldvanrooij I like it can you illustrate a little more of a side angle showing the bulls body a bit more. Like if you looking at your illustration and taking 3 steps to the left. Showing more of a 3/4 view of the illustration. Hope that makes sense.

  • I see you've asked for a TIFF file to be delivered. This is confusing, considering that just about every single designer here will be working in some kind of vector format(meaning based on paths), such as Illustrator, Corel, Inkscape, etc., and you are asking for a raster format.

    I'm not questioning your workflow. I assume you are used to working that way, but if a CNC plotter is anything like the vinyl plotters I am used to working with, then it will require paths, so by using a TIFF file you are going from a vector path, to a raster, and then converting it back to a vector path again.

    Not only is this a tedious process, but you're likely(almost 100% guaranteed) to get some quality loss from unnecessary conversations happening in the middle.

    If you can import SVG, EPS, or even AI files, then this would likely be a much-much better file format for you to be working with.

    The only caveat I see to this is if you are using height maps, where differing values of gray coincide with different depths on a milled piece. If that is the case, you should mention it in the brief.


    edited to add, that I just checked and illustrator will export DXF files, which is AutoCad's data exchange format. This would likely be a MUCH better option for your needs. (<---I'm not affiliated with these guys, nor am I advertising their services, posted just for the information)
    • @weiesnbach Hey I really appreciate the info and Ill take your word for it. I talked to a company that has the CNC machine and thats what they asked for. But do whatever you think is best. You know much more about it than I do. Thanks again for your input and expertise. So whatever is easier for you to do your job I am totally fine with. I just want to be able to have it cut out with the best quality possible. Devin