I received a number of interesting and well thought out designs. The designer questions were relevant. The responses were timely and polite. The winning designer was easy to work with and very accepting of my minor change request. Thanks so much!!

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Winning design #7 by ganyanya, Illustration Design for Dynavistics Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ganyanya

Project description

We need help from a fresh perspective to showcase our products.  We need a great graphic for our website that visually explains our software name, product lines, and modules.  This graphic will go on a new Trinity product webpage and will help our visitors understand our product lines and modules for each product.  We envision an organizational chart with the Trinity logo at top, graphics for each product line on the second level, and product line modules listed below each product line. 

Check out our current pages and marketing materials for past efforts:

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  • Rex
    @pamela2 could you provide feedback on my design?

    • @Rex - Hello, Thank you so much for the design. I like the design and use of color. The design is clean and modern. I do not understand the font variance. Was this done to fit all modules in with the product line (example sales)? Also, I am trying to decide if this design will fit in with my current website and display on the screen so website visitors will see right away that we have 5 product lines.

  • I do have some feed back. I like the white background in your other design because it is so clean. 1) Can this design have a white background? 2) Can the module words be a little darker so they show up better on a website? Thank you for 2 thoughtful and very different expressions of the idea. #4
  • Hi - thank you for the designs. I like both of them. I want to understand your design better. I have some questions about use of color and icons. May I ask why you selected to use different icons and colors than on this page? http://dynavistics.com/industries/beer-distribution-software #4
  • Rex
    Feedback? @pamela2 #2
  • OK - thanks - will you please see if the previously used circle graphics on this page will work?
  • Sure - I am looking for a cool, modern, vector org chart. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I'll attach jpgs of a few ideas.
    • Rex

      @pamela2 Thank you ill be back soon with some mock ups

  • Rex
    @pamela2 could you please give a more detailed explanation of what you are looking for so i have a better starting idea?