EyeGab brand.... 'Gabs' characters, website header! FUN DESIGN.

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Winning design #75 by Mr.Ryus, Illustration Design for EyeGab brand.... 'Gabs' characters, website header! FUN DESIGN. Contest
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designed by Mr.Ryus

Project description

Hello all, this contest that I have setup today is revolving around 2 'Gabs', Gabs are the 2 faces of the brand I'm trying to create, a website. 

This design is likely to be the most complex aspect of my website design it'll be what I refer to as section one, which is the area I've labeled with a 1 all the way at the top of the last attachment file. This design is set to span across the entire length of ones monitor, on the site homepage; I guess this design is what would be called a website header. If you look at attachments 1-4 you will see examples of the 2 one eyed creatures, these creatures are 'EyeGabs'. They're basically the Gecko to my Geico, they're meant to be the face of the brand. Section one will consists of both the 'Gabs', doing different things, actions, I refer to these as 'moments'. Attachment 4 is a good example of what I'm talking about, my friend had begun this mock up, but they failed to complete it due to not having much free time. These moments are basically meant to depict/embody the different activities users can share via the site with others. This will be kind of like a promotional section/design, which will also contain a message right in the center advising users to log in or sign up.

I want the Gabs to be detailed, & have the hand drawn charm to 'em, as opposed to looking too smooth & computer animated, & of course their eyes should stand out as vibrant, & wide eyed if you will; their eye is meant to capture their emotions in any situation. Attachments 2-3 best depict the type of 'hand-drawn' charm, & detail I'm talking about. Mind you, I'm not saying the 'Gabs' have to look exactly as the ones in these attachments, I'm specifically referencing these attachments for their detail... not the looks of the Gabs themselves.

I would think, unless you feel extremely confident, that it would be best to create & show your rendition of the Gab(s) first, & then proceed with the rest of the design. Getting the look of the Gabs down is one of the most, if not thee most important thing to me. I want them to have a hand done charm, & emphasis on the eyes; their eye is their most unique & expressive feature. 

As I said section one will be a montage of sorts, spanning across the top of the landing page depicting all kinds of different moments, from different aspects of life, art, sports, outdoors, social events. I may add or take away one or two later on, but as of right now the moments I'm looking for are as follows:

-Music studio session (maybe 'F'emale Gab inside the recording booth singing, with 'M'ale Gab on the mixing board) 

-Concert event, with both Gabs in the crowd; LIGHTS, epic lights, & a packed crowd.

-Sports moment, divided with a diagonal slash, with (F)Gab dunking on (M)Gab in BBall, & then (M)Gab being stiff armed by (F)Gab in football. This one should be humorous & , she should be completing smashing him! Show the agony in his face, & victory in hers!

-Video gaming moment (both Gabs playing video games against one another, in the living room, lounging on the couch! Have him raging, she's laughing celebrating! 

-Art moment (painting, she's doing a painting of him, have him posing up on a stool, with a strong chin! & serious face, so serious, it's funny)

-Eiffel tower moment, as depicted in the attachment example, but should be redone in your style! Make it nice! That tower should be a work of art.

-Backyard party moment (with (M)Gab jumping into pool/cannonball)She's lounging on the patio furniture with a few friends. Make it crazy & fun! 

-Skydiving moment ( she should be loving it! He should be a little ahead of her petrified! Funny moment.

-Skiing moment (up on the slope mountains, lots of snow ! Wintry wonderland.

-Fashion show (F)Gab on the forefront with (M)Gab on the catwalk approaching behind. Make them fabulous!

-Space moment (Make this one epic!)

-Safari   ( have the wildlife on fully display! From in the trees, all the way down to the land stricken, & swamp/water dwellers! Make it fun, & tropical)

-Mountain top moment ( They came, they saw, & they conquered! Take them to the top! Think Hikers up mount Everest)

-News caster moment ( (Gab(M) Ron Burgundy stache, Gab(F) makeup) Make this one FUNNY! Give him the stache & toupee, doll her up for the cameras!

-Science Moment (white lab coat, lots of beakers & test tubes) Something exploded on him! Give him the burnt face, smoke, she should be waving her arm clearing the air of the smoke, again this one should be funny!

-COOKING segment (she should have a nice looking, apron with flowers on it possibly, he's helping her in the kitchen as her assistant, with flour all over him! He's a mess.

-Health & fitness (working out, they're  in sweats, she's easily running on the treadmill, he's doing the same, but he's about to pass out.

-Class president moment (she's at the podium in front of the class, he's sitting next to the podium at the table, on the white board it says 'Why you should select us as your class head/Vice president) She should have a a nice lady's suit, & he should have a nice white dress shirt & tie, along with some circular glasses & a ketchup stain right on the front of his shirt to top it all off!)

-Play performance ( props up on stage, she's the star center stage performing her lines, he's in a tree outfit looking displeased in the back) 

-Stand up Comedy (It's comedy stand up night at the local arts club, he's up on stage, he's in the spotlight, & he's sweating bullets with a grin on, but it's obvious he's nervous! She's stage side giggling.

These are all the moments for the time being, want to see whole the section one design looks with these ! The Gabs have to be perfect, & again have that hand drawn charm, & detail (don't want anything too polished that it looks digitized.)
An their eye is their main, most unique/distinguishing feature. The overall montage has to look vibrant, appealing, & most of all fun!

Like I said your best bet is to first draw one or both of the Gabs, & submit this to me,... to make sure they have the right look, & detail, THEN you could proceed to the rest of the design... you don't have to do it this way, but it's the safest way to go about it.

Thank you everyone in advance for your time, & potential interest, and if you choose to participate, it's very much appreciated.. if you have any comments, questions, or concerns please do not hesitate to message me!

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  • @thumbplays hi good day please check #76 #77 . hope you like it.
  • HI, I'm Back :). Here is the next moment, please check.
    I'm ready to do it in 2 weeks for $550 as yours offer. But, because it is will be a lot time I will use for it, may I asking for a warranty that I am the winner of this contest?

    Thanks #75
  • @thumbplays hi good day can i ask is their already a winner sir...???
    • @yourfriend Nothing in stone yet... what happened?! I really enjoyed your first design, & left the original feedback for you... but I never received any revision(s) from you.

    • @thumbplays sorry sir..but im still make the 20 moments...!!!:) i want to surprise you.

    • @yourfriend ah okay I understand, sounds terrific then! Looking forward to it :o)

  • Here's my design. It's not finished yet. I'll still be putting bunch of stuff here and fixing lighting. I'll still be cleaning things up. i dont know if this if what youre looking for but if it is, give me a feedback. And about the montage, Am I required to do all moments? I hope you answer my question soon. thanks! #72
  • @Mr.Ryus #71 Wow,you are good, an inspiration for us designers. Keep up. Important is to make our client happy! :)
    • @Riester Hi Riester, Thanks for your praise. I just try my best in this contest. This is fun contest, so I can give the best effort without hesitation :). You are good designer too and I believe you will become much much much better designer than me, so let's fight! ;)

  • Hi,

    I'm back :). Here is another poses of the character, please let me know what you thinking.

    Abu Hilmi #71
  • Revised the art scene. #70
  • pls see the revised version
  • the mountain moment. I worked on the shape and look. added some clothing elements #67
  • About #62, @pureart Hello! Thanks again for your quick response & revisions, much appreciated!

    These are much better than the past ones, less monstrous, more adorable. She looks like a raccoon, their overall look still needs improvement. They look a bit clip arty, the different parts aren't smoothly meshing. For example their arms looks pasted on, as opposed to 'apart' of them.. needs to mesh better, more smoothly.

    That's basically the main issue overall, everything looks pasted on, overall it needs to mesh, seamlessly.

    Thank you & hope to hear back from you soon!
    • About #62, @thumbplays .Thanks I am making these tweaks. will post revised ones soon.

  • About #65, @pureart I really enjoyed this one in particular, very vibrant, N colorful!

    The overall Gabs look just needs a bit of work, rounder, cuter, (remove his receding hairline)..and the parts should mesh smoother together like I said, right now certain things look pasted on.
  • About #64, @Nicolaso Hello! Thank you for the quick reply & revision, really appreciate it!

    I like this overall, much improved from the last one, the texture still needs some work, everything seems a bit too thick, & bulky...all the features & details. Chalk like, need a finer texture/lining on everything!

    Take a look at some of the samples I attached for a better idea!

    Thank you & hope to hear back from you soon, thanks.
  • Here you go! :) #66
  • The skydiving moment. I need to stop here because I don't know whether the look of gabs is still right or not ? Looking forward to feedback.
    regards #65
  • @thumbplays thank you for the in depth feedback, really helps a lot.
    New cuteness level and a more rounded look. Hope it is getting closer :) #64
  • New characters in the painting scene. #62
  • Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I made new characters. pls review and share your thoughts. #61
  • About #59, @Riester Hello! Thank you for your fresh design, & continued effort & time, I really appreciate it!

    I like your detail, & effects that you put into the designs. One main issue I can point out is, in the other design the Gabs were significantly smaller (as they should be) here, in these lab coats they have grown! Need to keep them small an cute. Their entire bodies are meant to be about the size that their heads are now, so the lab coats should be tailored to fit their designated bodies, not extending the bodies to fit a bigger lab coat! Also her hair is missing, we need to keep 'em consistent! :D

    Thank you, & I hope to hear back from you soon!
  • About #52, @Nicolaso Hello!

    Thank you for your fresh revision, & continued time & effort, I really appreciate it!

    There's a bit I like from each, target remains getting all the best qualities into one design!
    He has to be a bit more round, right now he kind of looks like a sock puppet almost, a bit flimsy, needs more form. An significantly more cutesy. I mean very cute, 'hello kitty' type cute, or angry birds even, as far as the texture & structure of them.

    Let me know what you think, & I hope to hear back from you soon! Thanks.
  • About #57, @pureart Hello! Thank you for your continued effort & time, I really appreciate it, & thanks for another fresh revision!

    To be honest these guys need a bit of a rework.. I think the candy reference was taking too literally maybe! They look like jello blobs, the texture is off; & the overall shapes make them look a bit bloated.

    Forget the candy reference, just think warm adorable 'cutesy' creatures. No candy, or gelatin... just cute one eye'd creatures!

    Her bow right now looks as if it's apart of her body, made of gelatin as she appears to be... it shouldn't look like that, should be an accessory she is wearing, and she shouldn't have a front teeth with a gap! Need cutesy!

    Hopefully some of this helps you get a better idea, trying my best to give accurate thoughts an tips!

    Let me know what you think, & I look forward to hearing back from you soon! Thank you.