Fantasy Monster Illustration

nyomanmeykatd did a good job of following the brief and bringing some creative ideas to the contest. I was very pleased with the result!

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Winning design #33 by trisna_icirohiro, Illustration Design for Fantasy Monster Illustration Contest
Gold Medal

designed by trisna_icirohiro

Project description

Realistic artwork of a Fantasy Monster/Beast

This project is for a single figure, full-color, no-background, artwork that matches the style and quality of the attached mood board.

Titans are huge monsters created by magic and alchemy in a steampunk/fantasy world. They are between 5-20 stories tall and they may have the features and characteristics of several animals, plants, dragons and beasts combined into one form.

- Review the PRIMARY STYLE AND THEME from:
- Read more about the associated world and lore for ideas:
- For more details and inspiration: and

We also required an unrestricted commercial use license for the selected works.

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  • Thanks for the submission! Nice concept, but I'm afraid that the style doesn't really match the examples from the mood board. #37
    • @badcommandorfilename Thank you for your comment and rating. It makes such a difference to us designers when competition holders are positive and generous even if the design is not quite what they are looking for. Thank you!

  • Hi Everyone, thanks for all your entries! I will award the winners soon.
    • sir i have to submit mine it got expored before that.i have the work ready now.

    • @Gana_art sir ,can u extend the contest so that i can submit my work if u dont like it u can announce the winner once u see my work .i hoped u will like my work . i just want to show my work to u

  • sir iam working on this detailed how do u want the final document to be? and can u specify the dimensions also.. thank.
    • Hi @Gana_art - I'm happy with anything that can fit on an A4 page (portrait or landscape) so it can be printed into a book. For the final export file I'd like as high resolution as possible as an uncompressed layered image file (e.g. photoshop/GIMP or whatever you work with).

    • @badcommandorfilename sir,it is taking time for me to giving details to the illustration but i will submit the illustration with in the deadline.its just an update for sir...Thank u

    • @Gana_art sir i have my work now but contest got exired.

    • @Gana_art sir i have my work now but contest got exired.

  • Excellent work - thanks for following the brief and including lots of detail! #33
  • Thanks for making the updates! I prefer this version over the light one. #34
  • more dark, thanks #34
  • here is new faces, thanks #32
  • here is new faces, thanks #31
  • Hello @badcommandorfilename
    Fun ide with Uluru Mountain #30
  • hope this right thanks #27
  • Thanks for the update @salsades!

    I like the additions to the hands and feet, but I actually prefer the other face version.

    Perhaps it would work better with more of an animal face, like a lizard or a crocodile. #25
  • Thanks for the entry! I appreciate the fine detail and fantasy/magic elements. #26
  • i just make the face, thanks #25
  • Thanks for the update, I like the extra detail.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the final version. #16
  • Looks good! I like this version with the tail more. #23
  • no sands, thanks #23
  • with tail, thanks #22
  • i just turn the color into blue, thanks #21
  • Thanks @salsades!

    I like the concept of the jagged mountainside with trees and vines.

    If you do any revisions, it would be nice to bring in some more fine details and elements like rocks or sand. #15
  • Thanks for the entry!

    If you do any revisions, it would be nice to add a few more fine details to give it a more wild and fearsome appearance. #13