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Project description

We are looking for a graphic to be featured in some promotional work we are putting together to create weekend breaks for guests staying in one of our vacation homes in Orlando.

The concept is just like Hilton hotels "Hilton is calling you... Be A Weekender".  Do an online search in images to see the logo/graphic they use.

We want to create something similar. Not identical. Something that lets guests know that they can take a short weekend vacation in Orlando at a wonderful vacation home.

We like the "Be A Weekender" tag but it needs to be different. The graphic itself can be fairly basic or you can incorporate our logo that you can see at www.FloridaLeisureVacationHhttp://omes.com

That said we like everything about the Hilton graphic from the copy through to the bag in the image and the color of the image.

In short, it doesn't need to be complicated. It needs to be simple and convey a simple message "Come to Orlando for the weekend."

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  • A last minute concept....incorporating your logo.
    I will make a modification of the other concept if you decide to go with it.
    Let me know
    Thanks #42
  • Thanks for telling your preference regarding circular, please find updates as #41
  • Prefer the circular design. Thanks #39
  • I like the design. This is a close contest! We will be having a vote in the office and deciding from there. #40
  • I must need your comments on the updates, circular version of previous as #40
  • Thanks for your kind consideration and appreciation on #35, please find the updates by #39
  • I really like this design a lot. You've done some great work here. Going to be a hard task deciding but I will get opinions of others in the office as well. Thank you. #36
  • Think the top one is the best. The bottom of the pool is still at a slight angle though so perhaps square it off. It's only a slight degree of angle to change on that bottom edge so it looks square to the other three sides of the pool. Great job! #38
  • Is this what's on your mind? I feel the bottom right working the best but it's your choice. #38
  • Effect at 20% Opacity, need your suggestion! #36
  • @nigel Thanks for giving me a more creative word ‘DISCOVER’ by your new jingle ‘Discover Orlando Weekends’. Please find my submission in a new mood. Please give your feedback. Regards!!! #35
  • Thanks for giving me the more creative word "DISCOVER" by your new jingle 'Discover Orlando Weekends'. Please my submission in new mood. Regards!!! #35
  • Please take this submission in your consideration, here I have used all four statements that your have mentioned in various comments. Submission: #25
    • Thanks for this... I like this a lot. Again, I'm not sure about the copy so can you try a version with "Discover Orlando Weekends" please?

    • @nigel thanks for your consideration and suggestions, i'll try my best to get your findings and submit soon.

    • @nigel I am really sorry for my delays but it was not intentional. Please take my submission #34 in your consideration and give me your suggestion too. Thanks you very much!!

  • Spelling mistake on "Leisure" but otherwise a nice design. Thanks #33
  • Slight spelling mistake on Florida Leisure but otherwise the design looks good. Thanks #32
  • Do you mean rounded corners? I'm not quite sure. #31
    • @Meow No, I just meant the to round off the bottom edge of the swimming pool rather than have that odd looking diagonal line that makes the pool look a bit odd. Either that or just square it off.

  • This is a slight variation to my previous post (Just without the rounded edges). Let me know what you think.
    thanks #33
  • Thanks for the feedback. I have made some adjustment to the arrows (basically killed them). In this version, I rounded the edges.
    Let me know what you think.
    thanks #32
  • Actually, instead of squaring it off, give it a rounded edge... that will match the circle on the outside better. #30
  • Not too http://late...like your design. The arrow heads are probably a bit too much though.