God with us

Sajad was able to take my description and bring it to life. In addition, Sajad completed the image with necessary touches that only an artist would consider. Sajad was extremely professional throughout the process.

$225 paid

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Winning design #8 by sajad, Illustration Design for God with us Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sajad

Project description

Colors: black, yellow, gray, blue, red

The focus is a contemplating black man surrounded by violence
The graffiti background should be replaced by the marred American flag
I'm curious to see how the image would look using this technique
I want Jesus to be near the black man. Jesus should not be effected by the flag or flames.  He should be masculine, have olive skin and dark hair.

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  • Here's a review of how the design will look on a tshirt, if you want, i can add texts and other elements to the tshirt too.
    Sajad #18
  • With the sign being brightened, you can imagine that this message is Jesus' caption as well. #8
    • About #8, @readthebibleinayear thanks for your feedback, just to be clear, you want the design to have more fire in the background and the sign brighter than now, right ?

    • @sajad No, those were compliments. This is how I imagined it would look like and I was giving positive feedback on the features you selected.

    • thanks a lot for your comments, im really happy to hear you liked my design. hope i get to work with you at the end bests, Sajad

  • Placing the flag as a mural seems natural. It appears like it could be graffiti or it could have been damaged by the riots. #8
  • Keeping the fire in the background adds drama. You can sense the hopelessness of the young man. #8
  • I want the image resolution to be high enough for commercial printing. But for now I want to use this for t-shirt screen printing. I'm fine with photoshop because I'm confident that you can make it blend together.
  • Hi, can you please provide a size for illustration, where you gonna use illustration, is it for print or just for web? And is it possible to make photos manipulation (photoshop) or you want drawings?