Himalayan Salt Cart

A splendid experience. Within a few short days several artists were able to create and convey what was in my mind.

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Winning design #38 by GAKA, Illustration Design for Himalayan Salt Cart Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GAKA

Project description

Looking for a vintage sketch style of a rustic wooden cart. The cart is horse-drawn (without the horse) and needs only two wheels like a Chinese rickshaw. I need 3 or 4 somewhat pointed boulders resting together in the cart. The sketch needs to be simple yet elegant, earthy and rustic. Old fashioned, but not too complex. Wood grain and textures must be present and clear, but not extremely defined. I'm planning on using this image as a silhouette. The cart shouldn't be sitting on a too much of an angle. I have attached three images. The first is our old logo, and this is the cart style we need. The secondimage is an old fashioned sketch that's very close to what I want, but I need it less complex. Basically I need a mix of the two. The third photo is our new logo where the new cart will be included at the very bottom between the wreath. Thank you!

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  • Very close! The wooden cart was perfect the way it was in #27. I don't want the cart to change, just the formation of the boulders. So if you could take the boulders in #34 and put them in the cart design in #27 and color the boulder outlines with brown not grey. #34
  • *with brown outlines like the cart. #29
  • I prefer your boulder shading style on #16. It matches the style of the cart. I just need the boulder shapes to be shaped more like illustration #19 by lina.g12. #29
  • Almost there. You may have misunderstood me. I need the boulders to be a bit more simple and transparent. Refer to the boulders from lina.g12 illustrations. I want the cart to stand out more than the actual boulders, but a want the boulders to be clear but not too complex. #29
  • Beautiful. Just a couple things: I need the boulders to be a silhouette (right now it looks like they may be filled in with a grey color), I need the boulders to be a bit more pointed upward (see lina.g12 two most recent designs), and I need the boulders spread out a little bit more in the cart on either side. The wooden cart is PERFECT the way it is. #18
  • Himalayan Salt Cart Logo #26
  • I've colored it to match your logo and placed it above for illustration. #25
  • Himalayan Salt Cart #24
  • based on the description here is what i come up. your comment would be a great help to improve this logo #23
  • Hello. Please check out this design. Thank you. #22
  • Hello. I've updated the design, please check it out. If you need additional changes, email me. Thank you. #19
  • Really like the illustration, but I need the boulders to be a sketch, not a filled in image. Also, just three or four somewhat pointed (not sharp) boulders. Please pointed upward. #12
  • I really like this illustration, but this needs to be a horse-drawn cart, so the hookup must be changed. Instead of a trailer hitch, a horse hitch. Love the boulders, could you make them a bit more pointed? #2
  • I think this is the best logo to represent your brand. Hope you like it. Regards, Dimitrije. #14
  • Here the Colors Update.!! #11
  • Vintage and timeless hope you like it #10
  • Vintage and timeless hope you like it #9
  • Any change of colors.?? #6
  • How you think about that.?? #5
  • Hello. Please check my design. Thank you. #2