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Winning design #18 by senadneslan_juventus, Illustration Design for Mads Veslelia Contest
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designed by senadneslan_juventus

Project description

I'm looking for someone to make my next single cover, song i called Fox Kids.

- I want the logo (see picture) to have my name "MADS VESLELIA" in it, instead of "Fox Kids". With the exact same letter style and color.

"MADS" where "FOX" is and "VESLELIA" where "KIDS" is.

- in the background i want different drawings of me playing with 90's retro stuff like marbles, riding a kick scooter, holding a VHS tape in my hands. I want one where I use my snapback, one with the cap forward and one with my hoodie on. (See pictures)

- "MADS VESLELIA" in the fox kids logo should be in the middle of the picture, and below that should the name of my song "FOX KIDS" be, in pretty huge letters, maybe handwritten, retro/childish, in different colors maybe? up to you. 

the whole feel should be colorful retro and a bit "childish" 

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  • About #17, @senadneslan_juventus my man! If we can make my eyebrows a bit thinner and my chin just a bit less sharp, not a lot tho, plus keeping the FOX KIDS letters black and no shadows around, this is the winner! Great job
    • @madsveslelia Thanks!!I have changed design like you wanted. I hope that everything is ok now?All the best!

  • Yes!! Make my eyes blue instead of green. And the yellow pants dark bue. And the green hat dark green. And maybe straighten out my eyebrows a bit, if we get the eyebrows on point they’ll see its def me. And we got a deal, this is the one for sure! Amazing #9
  • Very good! I liked this a lot. Is it possible to make some changes?

    - make the cartoons look more like me

    - no smiles

    - put my tattoo "wannabe" on my chest. see picture:

    - move the logo on the hats

    - a grey ish color on the kick scooter

    - nike air max 90's shoes

    - use this style on "FOX KIDS"

    - a color closer to black on the vhs tapes

    - and just a white background, no sky or ground

    if so, I'd love to see! #3
    • @madsveslelia Thanks for feedback. I have changed design like you wanted, and I hope that everything is ok now?All the best!