Quest for the Golden Pearl (Mermaid Illustration for Race Medal)

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Winning design #47 by operhal, Illustration Design for Quest for the Golden Pearl (Mermaid Illustration for Race Medal) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by operhal

Project description


We are in need of a design for another race medal for You can see past designs we have used here to give you an idea of what the final product will look like:

This particular design is going to go on the inside of a 3D scallop shell that opens. This will be on the flat part on the inside (see attached). Feel free to make your design fit that exact shape, but if it doesn't, that is ok - we can modify as necessary later. There will be a round magnet to hold the medal closed. This does not need to be incorporated into the design, but should be considered so it doesn't cover up anything important, like the mermaid's head.

The design we are looking for is a mermaid holding a pearl. The pearl should be very large relative to her, as if we were going to attach a real pearl to this 4" wide medal. She can be sitting on a rock in front of the ocean or she can be part of an underwater scene or anything else - be creative!

The design should be relatively simple, as this will be handed painted on the physical medal and every different color in your design will need to be a different color painted on the medal. So, things like shading and shadows should be limited because they end up increasing the number of colors and work required.

** Stick with solid colors as opposed to fades ** Again, when painting this, fades are not possible.

Please feel free to submit multiple different concepts. We will provide feedback to keep you on track with revisions.


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  • This would translate to a medal very nicely, but it's too similar to one of our previous medals in how it features the sin. I will add you to our list of favorite designers though and invite you to future contests. Thanks for the submission! #28
  • Thanks for the submission Routh. This is nice, but not quite what we are looking for. #51
  • Hello all... just an update on the magnet. We have learned that this is fixed in place (can't be moved) and can't be painted, so the magnet can't be the same as the pearl in your artwork. Please take this into considerations when making your designs.

    • @VirtualStrides Let me know if you want any changes in any of my designs. have a nice day !! cheers :)

    • @VirtualStrides didn't read your reply :( it was removed T.T

  • This is nice, but too cartoony for what we are looking for. Thanks for the submission. #54
  • Good luck Guys!!! Its been a long time!

  • About #50, @finestroke

    Hi CH, please check my design entry, it is simple and neat yet a strong mermaid holding a pearl illustration. I hope you like it. Thank you very much!

    Best Regards,

  • I don't think this is the style we are looking for, but thank you for your submissions. #49
  • About #47, @operhal Looks great, thanks.
  • Hi, I have removed all outline color and make pearl bigger with subtle background elements. #47
  • Dear CH, I just want to say that it was very fun to participate in you contest and it would be great if you could select silver and bronze medal instead of eliminate before you choose gold medal winner. :) I hope this make sense to you.

    All the best,
  • minor details corrections #44
  • Thank you for the submissions, but I think we are going to go a different direction. #43
  • very appreaciated your feedback ::: best regards #43
  • I am very interested to collaborate in your project. #42
  • Thank you again for your work on this, but we've decided to go another direction with this design. I hope you will continue to enter our contests. Have a great day! #32
  • This is great. Thanks for the submission. #39
  • Thanks for the entry, but I don't think this fits the style we are looking for. #40
  • About #41, @zlup This is excellent. We are going to have a difficult decision, and it is going to come down to what style we think will work the best, and not necessarily the artists talent. Thank you.
  • How about this one?
    Feed back please
    Thanks ^^ #41
  • less details #39