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Very good. We ended up with a bunch of very good submissions, but most importantly, a great end product.

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Winning design #36 by fadjart86, Illustration Design for Runaway Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by fadjart86

Project description

We are an apparel and accessories design company. We would like a logo that reflects both the young urban feel we are trying to establish and simple drawing of our icon. We have used a drawing we borrowed and like it generally, but want to develop a unique look that is a little more modern - but still a simple line drawing.

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  • About #46, @khtuwailla This is very interesting. Thank you.
  • I just stopped by to make something different (that looks more like a symbol used in logos and less like a cartoon character). #46
  • Please check this version.
    What You think? #44
  • version with more strong lines. What You think? #43
  • Please check my version. It looks great in a variety of sizes
    What you think? #42
  • Vector based, open to revision #39
  • About #36, @fadjart86 Perfect.
  • About #38, @Soen This is good. Many thanks.
  • My design #38
  • My design #37
  • please check, the shoes... thank you #36
  • About #35, @fadjart86 One slight change on this one - there is an extra line or thickness under the toe of the shoes. I think that need to be taken out or cleaned up.
  • This looks really good! Thank you. #35
  • About #24, @fadjart86 We would also like to make the sneakers more like Converse Chuck Taylors.
    • entry #24. thanks for choosing my design, i will change the entry like what you need.. thanks for feed back. .

    • i will make over the shoes, and rotate the entry, give me a time. thanks

    • excusme...where i must submit the revision design ???? because i cant submit new design on your contest

    • @fadjart86 We are going to make you the winner but can we get the changes after we do? Also we like the detailed drawing, outline and filled in version of the final drawing - like you did on the original drawings.

    • I've changed the image as you requested, but I can not send pictures ... because the columns submit unavailable.

    • yes, i can do that..

    • @doug_f_farquhar Try now.

    • @doug_f_farquhar , my entry #33.

  • please see my entry #33. i fix the entry with a new shoes..thanks
  • We like this one. However there are some minor changes and aspect of the others you did that we like and would want revised. #24
  • HI
    please check this version.
    Thank You
    Alexander #26
  • This is very interesting design. Thank you. #22
  • i hope you like. #24
  • This series of three drawings are very good. Can we do them with long pants and some hightop sneakers? #20
    • i am realy late for feedback your comment... i will try do somethink for the entry, i will make desiggn with long pants and hightop sneakers... thanks for comment.