Tiny Vikings

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Project description

The goal is to design a game board.

The theme is Viking world.The board itself represents a battlefield for fierce (but friendly) vikings.

The design should remain simple. It could be cartoonish but not necessarily for children.


Technical requirements (mandatory to implement in your design to be considered) :
  • Mandatory #1 : The board is composed of 3x3 tiles. Each tile is composed of 4x4 squares.
  • Mandatory #2Each squares has coordinates (abscissa and ordinate - 1/1, 1/2... 12/11, 12/12) that must be easy to visualize on the board.
  • Mandatory #3Each squares must be 3cm x 3cm (1.2 inchesx1.2 inches).
  • Mandatory #4Font to use is Norse, available for free on Dafont
  • Mandatory #5 : The image should be in vector format or with printable quality 

A file is attached to illustrate the expected layout.


Design hints / ideas (those are only possible suggestions, not mandatory at all. They can be implemented all together, only one, or not at all) :
  • Optional #1 : The tiles could be simple stone block (a bit similar to "Kumo" board in the center)
  • Optional #2 : Each tile could be associated with one of each viking homeworlds

Thanks in advance for those who wish to participate!

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