Tropic Coast Realty

Operhal Designer did a wonderful job and made changes to give me exactly what I was looking for!! Very happy and will use DesignContest for all my graphic needs!

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Winning design #23 by operhal, Illustration Design for Tropic Coast Realty Contest
Gold Medal

designed by operhal

Project description

I am looking for an watercolor rendering of my new office building.  I The windows need to be white frame, and there is going to be white French doors at front, along with stack stone around the base of the octagon from the bottom of the windows to the ground around the building front and to the left on the entrance.  need to add landscaping details in a tropical setting.  Building color will be the blue in the logo that I have attached.  The overall feel of the rendering should have a tropical Florida feel at sunset.

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  • new project with the required corrections #24
  • Dear CH, I added second palm on the right, so I hope you will like it.

    My best,
    operhal #23
  • I love the look of the rendering but am looking for the changes I am making to the building. A double door would be here #19
    • About #19, @marciebolt
      Hi, I hope to make it in time , between 5 hours ends the contest . I apologize but it's my first contest and yours i saw later . I will try to hurry . Thanks a lot

  • This is VERY nice!! You incorporated everything I was looking for... Not sure if you can add some palm trees on the right side of the building... that is the only thing I think it needs to complete the tropical feel #18
    • @marciebolt thank you! Yes, i can add another palm tree on the right. I will do that little bit later since i am not at my home right now. Please note that after you choose a winner you still have 7 days more to work on design. Another question which size did you plan for the artwork?

  • there is going to be stone here on the front of the building at the same height that is currently on the octagon. #19
  • The building will be the same color as the blue in my logo that was uploaded #19
  • Dear Sir, Add two more sunset effect. Hope these will be satisfied you. (#20 and #22)
  • the same with a different contrast #21
  • added double doors - i forgot to do that in previous entry #18
  • See my new submission, how is the contrast and the color? is it ok for you ?
  • Correction you asked for.. #15
  • please change back to one single glass door #8
  • make same color blue as rest of building #11
  • add stone on this part of building at same height as other stone height as octagon
  • add a double door with glass here #11
  • add a double door with glass here #11
  • take out the grids in this door #11
  • mockup #12
  • Dear CH, please check my design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #11
  • Can you add white double French door with glass insert #5
    • @marciebolt Dear Sir, I have corrected just now As per your comments. Anticipating your valuable comments... (#9 and #10)