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Project description

Premium California winery in need of a wine label design for a new wine that is set to be released.

The wine will be called "Destiny's Dark Horse".  It is a 100% Petite Sirah made from fruit sourced from an amazing vineyard in Santa Barbara County, California.

This wine will be positioned in Galatea Effect's top tier of wines.  

Please visit to view the existing wine label designs for the Genception of Giants Super Syrah and Laminar Flow Pinot Noir.

As you will undoubtedly notice, the overall designs used by Galatea Effect are modern, clean, classy and upscale.  The design for Destiny's Dark Horse should fit into this general direction, while having its own personality and feel.

The guiding notions behind the name, "Destiny's Dark Horse" are:

  1. the worthy, but unknown competitor, who is routinely relegated to the shadows of a competition,
  1. the competitive underdog who becomes the champion
  1. the improbable winner

Some basic for instances:
  • The pawn on a chessboard that single handedly checkmates the king

  • A frog who beats the rabbit and the cheetah to win the race

  • A kid who wins the bicycle race on a tricycle

Important Notes: 

  • Not interested in designs that include images of horses.

  • Not necessarily seeking a literal connection between the image and the name, but rather an image that artistically expresses the macro concept.

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  • Thanks for the notes, what are your thoughts on this design? #21
  • About #16, @sajad --

    Hello. Thanks for posting this design. I definitely like the general direction of the "alter ego shadow concept".

    Here are some other ideas for you to work with:

    * Turtle casting the shadow of a Rabbit
    * Donkey casting the shadow of a Race Horse
    * A floppy eared Beagle casting the shadow of a greyhound
    * A snail casting the shadow of a _____

    Additional note: I like the art style direction of the lion in your image. For this label, I'm not a fan of the pencil sketch squirrel.

    For additional guidance, here is a link to an image style that would be a good direction to target:

  • Stand alone design. This was the biggest Dark Horse I could think of. Also, California is prominently featured in this image. #18
  • On a shelf. #17
  • I also thought of this design which is a more abstract take on the concept but fits in better with the other Galatea Effect bottle designs. #9
  • Hi @jclapick thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you understood the concept of the design:)
    I took your note about the sword, let me know what you think #8
  • I'd love to get your feedback on this design #5
    • @judy2 - Hi Judy. Thanks for your time on this design. It's very attractive, eye catching, and contemporary. The use of the GE logo in the background is a nice touch, for sure. It definitely fits into the artistic direction that I established with the Genception of Giants and Laminar Flow designs, which you undoubtedly saw on the web site. -- Just to make sure I am on the same page as you, I think that you are playing on the juxtaposition of a butter knife and a sword?? Please verify. If so, this is clever....but might visually be enhanced by a sharper edged sword with more of a point.

  • Hi Thomas- Thanks for the submitting the two designs. They're not quite in the direction that I am seeking. I figured that I would verbalize this to you so that you can tailor your efforts (if you are inclined) to something that is more in line with description that I provided for the project. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer. Thanks. #2
    • About #2, @jclapick

      Thank you for the comment. I read the brief and looked at your website, and I guess I'm just missing the boat on the type of image you need because I thought I had subtly captured your theme. If you'd like to give me additional guidance -- more abstract? more (or fewer) colors? -- that would be great.

      In the meantime, I'm going to post one more image although it's probably even further afield. I know you don't want literal horses, but I've been thinking that chess pieces are an especially apt (and striking) visual metaphor. Thanks again.