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Project description

This screen is on a 7 inch Samsung tablet. It will be given to developers as a concept design that they will then build.

Explanation of the attached image: on the left side of the screen is a readout of items being purchased in a point of sale system. The center of the screen are coupons an individual has earned and can be used on a purchase (by touching the screen). The image is to be used as an example of what it could look like if the device was in use in a production environment. "cancel" and "opt out" are both buttons on the top of the screen. The Facebook button on the bottom of the screen is also a button. The 'Digital Punchcard' is not a button.

The issues we have are: 
1) there seems to be alot of wasted space. 
2) text isn't clear enough for a customer to read on a 7 inch tablet. This tablet would be located at checkout next to a Point of Sale system or credit card terminal, so it needs to be readable.

Feel free to change the layout, background, etc to make better use of the space and make it clearer for someone to read.

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  • Complete vector format so it's easy to implement. Please let me know if you like it. #12
  • @szinke Hi! Here is another version for you to consider.

    I went with brighter, bigger coupons and gave you four different options. (We could do more if you need them!) I created the background images for the coupons to be universal for any business.

    I also extended the punch card along the bottom of the screen to make it more prominent.

    Let me know if you'd like to see any tweaks or changes. #6
  • Hello, Hope you're having a fine day!

    My name is Slim Zouari and I'm a Web & Mobile UI/UX Designer. Here is my initial design concept for the new UI.

    I've worked on readability throughout with larger text sizes and more readable fonts. I focused on the important Calls to Action and the Coupons.

    I've also worked on better screen real estate handling to minimize wasted space while maintaining enough white space for reading comfort and a visually pleasing design.

    I made multiple tweaks to the overall design. It's more fun, much better looking & more interesting and inviting to the customer.

    I have 2 questions that might help me improve the design:
    - What are the most important elements in terms of readability?
    - What's the exact tablet model or screen resolution?

    Hope you like my design. Your feedback is very valuable and important to keep improving the design and I'm ready to make all the tweaks you request.

    Thank you & Have a great day! #5
  • @szinke I'm sorry, but I don't see an attachment with the brief.