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Winning design #78 by damararyu, Infographic Design for 3iOntario Contest
Gold Medal

designed by damararyu

Project description

Seeking eye-catching graphics suitable for Twitter to help raise awareness of a free service to match health innovators and innovation champions in Ontario, Canada with the resources that they need to accelerate their best ideas. 

@3iOntario provides weekly updates on current opportunities to support health innovation. Our focus is on health technology including digital health solutions, medical devices, and more. (See www.azimuthhealthgroup.ca/3iOntario for details).

We've been trailing the service for a couple of months and expect to formally launch soon, which means that we need a series of mini-infographics (2-3) suitable for Twitter that can be used as part of the launch. Naturally, we're looking for images that will stand out in our target audience's busy social media feeds.

And now some details ...

1. THEME: The theme of the launch will be 'Are you missing out?' on opportunities to advance your ideas for improving health and health care. To support this theme, we are currently calculating statistics about 3iOntario's first 12 weeks, such as:

- # opportunities listed in the digests [will be > 100]
- # organizations offering opportunities listed in the digests [will be > 50]
- total $ available via these opportunities [will be > $250 million]

Your design can use the above estimates as placeholders.

2. IMAGE SIZE: Please take Twitter's requirements for posting in-stream photos into account when designing: see https://sproutsocial.com/insights/social-media-image-sizes-guide/#twitter

3. EXISTING GRAPHICS: Existing 3iOntario graphics are attached as a .EPS file. Please take the colours into account> You may also want to (but are not required to) use the logo in your design. 

4. FORMAT: Please include the vector eps files with jpg and png files for winning source files. Added bonus if you can provide a version that is editable in PowerPoint. All fonts used should be clearly specified and readily available.

Many thanks for considering participating in this contest. If you have any questions, please let us know. We'll do our best to provide regular input on designs submitted along the way.

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  • please check my final design and feed back. thanks #122
  • As the end of the contest nears, before I can't add any more comments, I wanted to send my sincere thanks to everyone who has participated - or will participate in this contest. There's been a great variety of interesting designs proposed and it's not going to be an easy choice at the end of the day ... which is a wonderful problem to have! Thanks again!
  • This is a really interesting take on the design - thanks! One minor comment - I had to look carefully to see what the blue question mark behind the million was. #114
  • These revisions look really good - thanks! Minor comment ... I'm not sure why June appears in caps? #117
  • this is a clear vivid option for your ad please check it and feedback. thanks #113
  • check please , THANKS !! #105
  • (But with the capital M for million please) #83
  • I like the way that you've done the logo on this one - thanks! #83
  • Thanks so much for the updates. I like these much better. One question for you (I'm not a design expert): would it be better to say "$500M in opportunities to support health innovation listed since June" so that you don't have to split the subtext? #87
  • Many thanks for the updates! #98
  • Thank you for your entries. Unfortunately, the clipboard graphic doesn't really fit with our health tech focus #101
  • Hi..please check my my entry..thank you #102
  • I hope you like it. Open for any revision. Thank you. #99
  • Hello takingcaretoron
    here is it :)
    as you wish

    damararyu #78
  • Eliminating this version because the new one fixes the subhead. #23
  • Thanks for the quick turnaround! Just need to capitalize "We've" ... sorry - I missed this earlier. #76
  • Hello takingcaretoron
    hope you like it :)
    like this? thankyou for your feedback :)

    damararyu #76
  • Many thanks for updating your entries. I like the single colour main text and the subheads are clearer now too. The logo still seems to disappear into the mists, but I'm not sure that there's much that can be done about that. #49
  • Thanks for the updates! I prefer the single colour main text so have eliminated these ones. #46
  • About #41, @atalagiatalagi My thanks to you! Please see my notes on your other recent entry and thanks for all your hard work on this contest.