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Winning design #6 by wbeehive, Infographic Design for Canada Health Infoway Contest
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designed by wbeehive

Project description

We are looking for one infographic to illustrate eight sets of information and two areas of content.  Please use the information below, an illustrated image (no stock images), the company logo at the bottom and text with source information for the information below in small font. The infographic should be 600 x approx. 2880 px.

 Image suggestions are included, but feel free to adapt or modify using your own ideas.  


Text for top:

National LEADing Practices:  What is the Impact?

In 2014, Canada Health Infoway in partnership with Accreditation Canada recognized 7 LEADing Practices.A LEADing Practice exemplifies one or more of the five benefit areas of digital health and represents best practice characteristics for the use in clinical practice: Learning from others; Exemplifying benefits; Accelerating adoption; and Delivering results. 

Text for image 1:

Better care for patients with diabetes:  Over 90% had A1C and blood pressure monitored in last 6 months.

(Source: Harnessing the EMR to Improve Diabetic Patient Management.  Central Hastings Family Health Team.  Primary Care.  Madoc ON)

Text for image 2:

“Electronic tools facilitate measuring what could not easily be measured previously.  You cannot improve what you cannot measure, so this is where these tools provide the most value.” 

(Source: Improving the Patient Experience.  Health Sciences North, Ambulatory Care Clinic.  Ambulatory Care.  Sudbury, ON)

Text for image 3:

Timely access to information by clinicians and patients anywhere in the world.  Over 9,300 logins to mobile application and 14,200 consult notes signed.  (Source: Inventing the Future of Healthcare with SunnyCare, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.  Acute Care.  Toronto, ON)

Text for image 4:

Over 346 clusters of Tuberculosis identified using web-based application.

(Source: Putting Tuberculosis Control on the Map, Public Health Ontario.  Public Health. Toronto, ON)

Text for image 5:

Elimination of up to 2 week wait time for diagnostic reports, consults and lab results.

(Source: Connected Community Practice in Action, Drs. Lamb, Mielke & Teal.  Primary Care.  Hamilton, ON)

Text for image 6:

3-6 month wait reduced to 1-2 day response time using Telemedicine for dermatology consultations.

(Source: Connected Community Practice in Action, Drs. Lamb, Mielke & Teal.  Primary Care.  Hamilton, ON)

Text for image 7:

99% of Family Physicians satisfied with information provided in electronic clinic letter.

(Source: Development of an Electronic Chronic Disease Management System for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  QEII Health Sciences Centre.  Ambulatory Care.  Halifax, NS)

Text for image 8:

33% reduction in hospital admissions and 24% decrease in emergency room visits.

(Source: Optimizing Integration and Continuity of Care through the Hospital Home Team, ACCESS River East.   Primary Care and Community.  Winnipeg, MB) 

Text for bottom :

How do you get there?  Critical success factors from 2014 LEADing Practices:

  • Articulate a shared vision such as providing efficient and compassionate patient care; with patients and families at the forefront.

  • Identify and engage key stakeholders early to create a sense of ownership.

  • Actively involve clinicians and patients in the design and testing of technology.

  • Seek change management expertise to support implementation of new technology.

  • Continuously evaluate workflow by asking “How can we do this better electronically?”

  • Evaluate project impact and communicate results to build long-term sustainability. 

  • Remember that success is achieved by taking one small step at a time!

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