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Winning design #13 by alira, Infographic Design for Canada Health Infoway Contest
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designed by alira

Project description


We are looking for a fold out infographic (see example attached) that is printed as a hard copy. This will be a 3.5 inch by 3.5 inch booklet that folds out into 4 panels, totalling 8 squares each (front and back). Each square will have one of the below 8 points on it and will fold into a Parallel Gate Fold. Please let me know if you need further clarification.

Suggested colors for fold out in RGB (can appear in any order):

Burgundy: R 125, G 39, B 64

Grey: R 94, G 97, B 103

Dark blue: R 44, G 63, B 80

Light Blue: R 41, G 128, B 185

Teal: R 22, G 160, B 133

Green: R 155, G 187, B 89

Please feel free to get creative using other images (related to the content) for each panel.

Panel One (FRONT):

Benefits Evaluation

Panel Two & Three (MIDDLE FOLD OUT):

Benefits Evidence – Pan-Canadian Studies:

“Infoway and its jurisdictional partners look at emerging evidence to monitor clinician adoption, estimate value from the technologies that have been implemented, and identify critical success factors”

Five national benefits evaluation studies have been carried out since 2008:

1.      Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Evaluation 2014: RPM has the potential to transform the health system and improve patient outcomes through self-management and home-based care


2.      EMR Evaluation study 2013: EMR use resulted in health care system level benefits, such as a reduced duplicate tests and adverse drug events, valued at $584 million (from 2007-2012)


3.      Telehealth Evaluation 2011: Telehealth saved more than 47 million kilometres in travel and $70 million in personal travel costs for patients and their families in 2010 alone


4.      Drug Information Systems (DIS) Evaluation 2010: Drug information systems (DIS) reduce prescription errors and result in fewer adverse drug events with estimated benefits of $436 million in 2010


5.      Diagnostic Imaging Benefits Evaluation Report (Full): Estimated benefits of $600 million for the health system in 2008. When fully implemented, estimated benefits could be between $850 million and $1 billion per year

Panel Four (first panel inside fold out):

Benefits Evaluation & Research

Evaluation studies and research help us understand how digital health and our investments are impacting Canadians and the health care system, as well as how projects may be improved in the future.

Panel Five (Second Panel inside fold out):

Benefits Evaluation Framework

Infoway worked with a panel of leading researchers to develop a Benefits Evaluation Framework and Strategy to help understand the effects Canada's investments in digital health technologies. The framework focuses on the relationship between the implementation of an effective solution, the adoption of that solution and the resulting impacts.

Panel Six (Third panel inside fold out):

(insert Image of graph attached) 

Panel Seven (fourth panel inside fold out):

The framework and accompany indicators, all available in our toolkit, have been applied in almost 100 projects across Canada and internationally over the last decade.  This has generated a wealth of evidence about digital health, as well as valuable resources for those conducting evaluations.

Panel Eight (BACK):

Latest Thinking & Resources

Want to learn more or access our resources? Visit us at URL/latest thinking or URL/toolkit







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