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designed by wbeehive

Project description

Canada Health Infoway has developed a series of corporate principles, called STRIVE.  There are 6 separate principles (words) that come together for the overall theme that spells STRIVE.  It also has an overall introduction sentence.

We are creating an at-a-glance tool designed as an infographic that will be seen everyday by our employees, either at their desks in print or electronically on our internal website.  It will remind them of the important principles of our organization and should be inspirational.  

We are developing one English and one French infographic.

The graphic should:

  • Be designed to work together as one infographic, but each principle could be used independently,
  • Be designed with one icon or graphic for each of the 6 principle key words and one for the overall theme STRIVE. 
  • Include the content below, one design in English, and the same one in French.
  • Follow our corporate branding.  See added files for branding guidelines.
  • Be max 8.5 x 11 print size, either landscape or portrait.  Other packaging options/designs are welcome.

Content to include for English design:

Corporate Principles

We will STRIVE to achieve our vision of healthier Canadians through innovative digital health solutions by embracing these core values:

SERVICE: We are dedicated to meeting the needs of Canadians and honouring the commitments made to them.

TEAMWORK: We foster productive relationships and work together to fulfill our goals.

RISK TAKING: We step up to new challenges and take considered risks.

INNOVATION: We embrace an entrepreneurial spirit that is continually seeking new ways to improve how we do business.

VALUE:  We demonstrate our value by the outcomes achieved for Canadians.

EXCELLENCE: We continually challenge ourselves, and support each other, to achieve the highest quality solutions and services.

Content to include for French design:

Principes de l’organisation

Unissons nos FORCES pour concrétiser notre vision d’une population canadienne en meilleure santé grâce aux valeurs suivantes :

Favoriser l’excellence : Nous repoussons continuellement nos limites et nous nous entraidons pour favoriser la mise en place de solutions et de services de très grande qualité.

Offrir une valeur ajoutée : Nous faisons la démonstration de notre valeur par les résultats que nous obtenons pour les Canadiens.

Relever des défis : Nous cherchons à relever de nouveaux défis et prenons des risques calculés.

Collaborer : Nous misons sur des relations productives et travaillons ensemble pour atteindre nos buts.

Encourager l’innovation :  Nous encourageons l’esprit d’entreprise qui favorise la recherche constante de nouvelles manières d’améliorer nos façons de faire.

Servir la population : Nous nous engageons à répondre aux besoins des Canadiens et à honorer notre engagement envers eux.

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    If you like it, I'll prepare the design in French as well. You can use this design for print and for your website, each principle also can stand alone.

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