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Winning design #6 by Meow, Infographic Design for Economic Benefits Infographic Panels Contest
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designed by Meow

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Hello! We are looking to create an 8 panel infographic. Please note each of the panels should work as a standalone infographic. Each panel should be 1200 pixels wide by 800 pixels long.

Infographic Panel

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Computer screen w/x-ray

Diagnostic imaging, drug information systems, electronic medical records and telehealth have produced an estimated $13 billion in benefits for Canadians and our health system since 2007.

Infoway estimates and Infoway’s 2014-2015 Annual Report



Investments made by Infoway and its jurisdictional partners through the $500 million granted in 2010 will create an estimated 10,700 person-years of employment and add an estimated $1.48 to overall GDP for every $1 invested.

Conference Board of Canada’s economic impact model


Laptop with doctor

Telehealth resulted in health system savings of $55 million in 2010, which reduced hospitalizations and other costs for patients with chronic diseases.

Telehealth Benefits and Adoption: Connecting People and Providers, May 2011


Computer screen with prescription bottle and i with circle (information i)

Drug information systems reduce prescription errors and result in fewer adverse drug events with estimated benefits of $436 million in 2010.

National Impact of Generation 2 Drug Information Systems Technical Report, September 2010


Tablet with record file with medical symbol

From 2006 to 2012, electronic medical records in Canada resulted benefits valued at more than $1.3 billion, including benefits such as reduced duplicate tests and adverse drug events.

The emerging benefits of electronic medical record use in community-based care, April 2013



An estimated 47,400 professionals are currently employed in and by Canada’s domestic health ICT sector with more than 32,000 new jobs expected to be created between now and 2020.

Digital Health In Canada:

Exploratory Analysis Of Canada’s Domestic Health ICT Sector

 — The Information and Communications Technology Council, 2015



Canada’s domestic health ICT sector generates an estimated $3.4 billion in revenues annually, and makes an estimated $1.5 billion contribution to Canada’s GDP.


Digital Health In Canada:

Exploratory Analysis Of Canada’s Domestic Health ICT Sector

 — The Information and Communications Technology Council, 2015



Canadians could save 18.8 million hours per year of unnecessary time off work, if they could consult with their physicians, access test results and request prescription renewals electronically. This would add nearly $400 million a year to Canada’s economy.

Valuing Time Saved: Assessing the Impact of Patient Time Saved from the Adoption of Consumer Health Solutions, Conference Board of Canada, September 2012

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