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Winning design #7 by ganyanya, Infographic Design for Eleven Two Capital Contest
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designed by ganyanya

Project description

I'd like to get a design for an industry landscape similar to the one in the link below, but focused on healthcare industry.

I've uploaded the categories and the companies under each category in the PDF. I just need these companies' logos (from online) organized in a nice landscape schematic.


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  • Thanks for the submission everyone. It was a tough decision, but ultimately we chose the one that had a cleaner look and feel.
  • With gradient background! #11
  • Greetings, if you need any refinements in the design please do tell me. #10
  • Dear Contest Holder,

    Can you please provide me the feedback for my design #4
  • Dear @yizhen@eleventwocap.com!
    Check please my entry #3 and feel free to let me know what do you think about it!

    Kind regards
  • hope you like it #1
  • Hi, don't worry about the logos you can't find. If the majority of the logos are on there, it should be fine. Mostly looking for design of the landscape. I can fill in the few leftover logos on my own.

    Any dimension or resolution is fine. I'm looking to post it online.
  • Hi,

    I've collected almost all the logos. I've checked every single websites of their to make sure the logos are correct. However, there were still a few ones that troubled me. Would you please help me verify the following companies (make sure they're correctly spelt, have a website, etc.)?

    1st Table:
    Impact Genomics -> Do you mean "Impact Genetics"?
    Numarus -> Do you mean "Numerus"?
    BioAge -> There are so many "BioAge", which one do you need? Or "Biotage"?
    ARK One -> I could not find "ARK One" related to clinical

    2nd Table:
    Cor -> This name is too common to search! Do you mean "Core Diagnostics"?
    Celertec -> I tried but could not find this company

    3rd Table:
    Zephrus -> I found "Zephyrus Bio" earlier in the first table, is it the same thing?

    Thank you,
  • Do you need a specific dimension and/or resolution? Or I can decide myself? Thanks
  • Are you serious? 136 usd? what u want there is at least 10 hours work mate... good luck