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Winning design #18 by glaxon, Infographic Design for ITBI Solutions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by glaxon

Project description


I need a one page document to provide all of the details related to a specific service that we offer (IP Targeting / IP Advertising).  See the attached deck for verbiage and My logos.  I am open to seeing edits if you have ideas.  I have also provided several slogans/taglines to highilight, please play with these and see what works (we dont have to use them all).  

I would like to showcase a process flow in a visual manner, so please replace as much text with meaningful icons especially for this section (steps 1-6).  For step 1, please indicate that the starting point can be a client provide list or a list that I provide.  

I feel like what I am providing is wordy, but need to output to not come across that way.  

Will also need to include basic contact information:


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  • I like your designs, but I am not a fan of the bottom half. Seems to be quite bit of white (empty) space, so the bottom half feels a bit disorganized to me. #22
    • @bwarmerdam Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, it's late to improve or submit another entry, since the contest is expired. Good luck in choosing your winner! Best Regards!

  • Greetings, I hope you like my design. If you need any refinements in the design, Please let me know.
    I focused on the points you mentioned in the brief and the feedback you provided. The color scheme used in the design are the colors used in your logo. #21
  • Hello!

    I hope you are still open for new ideas. I've seen your contest late so I'll do my best to finish in time.

    • @ramsro We are still accepting entries and I am eager to see what you envision for this. Thanks so much for your efforts! Brad

    • @bwarmerdam

      Please check my first ideas for your design. They are slightly different, in the top and bottom part and also the steps section is represented in 2 ways.

      Please let me know if you have any remarks.

      Thank you!

  • About #9, @sajad I like the looks of this one and it will certainly be one that we consider as we select the winner. This one is by-far my favorite of your entries. The top section looks really good and I like the icons.

    There is something about the text that makes this a bit harder to read than some others. Perhaps it is the font style or size, and the drastic contrast in colors at the bottom.

    I really appreciate your efforts!
  • Thank you for the new option! Very helpful to see it this way to have some options. Thanks! #8
  • Thanks for this entry, I Like the logos in the bottom section and really like this cost section. Looks very sharp... #10
  • Darker scheme using the other logo. #8
  • I would love to hear any input that you may have to make my design better. Thank you. #7
  • About #5, @vwilz Overall I like your design. I like the logos and in a way I appreciate the unconventional size. I would be interested to see a version that is not quite so dark in the main section.
    • @bwarmerdam Greeting, thank you for your instructions. I will send another design option soon.

  • I really like the icons, as well as the overall layout... Very pleasing to the eye and does a good job making it feel less wordy. #4
  • Very Slick... I really like this design. I would love to see different varieties of this with different color schemes. Very nice... #4
  • I also like the header with the banner underneath #5
  • I really like the look of this footer! #5
  • Dear CH,

    I hope you like my design. If you need any revision in the design. Just tell me.

    vwilz #5
  • New design. 612 px x 891 px #4
  • Hey, I like the color scheme at the top and bottom. I would like to see what you can do to convert the circle to a process flow (like a flowchart). Ideally the icons would be integrated in and if possible reduce the amount of text. A little too colorful in the middle. One last comment... the text at the bottom seems to all run together. I think we need to differentiate one secton and line item from the next. Thanks, Brad #2
  • Greetings, If you need any refinements in the design. Please do tell me.

    EssJay #2
  • About #1, @sajad thanks for the design. I am looking for something less colorful, I geel that adds an cartoonish element and makes it more playful than I want. The section with the steps needs to be more of a flowchart or process flow and i think that icons would be a big addition. Ideally, the icons could allow some of the text to be removed. Also, the taglines at the top need to be more pronounced as they are the key selling points.

    Thanks for the first design!