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Winning design #63 by glaxon, Infographic Design for Mitraclip Contest
Gold Medal

designed by glaxon

Project description

Required is a clinical marketing brochure design. 

A rough outline of the brochure is attached in file 'outline'.

The brochure is to show a realistic appearing heart in three stages.  The first a leaking heart as per image 'normalregurg' attached.  The second is to show a heart that has the smae features as the first but become larger and more spherical and with thinner walls. The third is to show a heart back to normal size with a mitraclip device attached as per image 'mitralcipped'.  All three of the hearts need be of the same colour scheme and gross features. 

Below these images as the outline file in the shape of a V is 3 images of a patient in progressive stages of health.  The patient is to be a realistic animation elderly lady, who in 2 of the images (the first and last) is walking normally, and in the middle image is bed ridden or sitting up in bed looking distressed. 

Below this is an image of the mitraclip device, which can be obtained from the below link.  Please extend the shaft so it comes down from top of page. 

The product name is mitraclip, please see the link below for images of the product and the branding theme

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