The design Arrynnea created really stands out and suits our briefing completely. She was more than willing to help us in the finishing touch of the design during the review, and she responds quickly. If I have another process design / infographic design job, I will ask her to work for us again here through DesignContest.


€300 paid

9 custom designs

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Winning design #8 by Arrynnea, Infographic Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Arrynnea

Project description


Outlines / general information

We would like to receive two illustrations of our invoicing processes. All in a similar style, based on our design. As we see it as a big improvement on a very important process we want the illustration to be positive. As we are a B2B company a professional illustration style is important. The first designs we will test by customers. If they understand (without further information) what is explained in the illustration, it is well designed.

Our job as Myler is to manage temporary contracts between freelancers (in the Netherlands we call them ZZP’ers) and larger companies (our ‘clients’, in the Netherlands we call them ‘Klant’). For every contract we have a contract with both our clients and freelancers. This means invoicing is running through our books. This process is changing (in advantage for both parties) as we organize it more efficient with ‘reversed billing’.

Illustration 1

We call this process ‘double reversed billing’.
2. The freelancer enters his hours worked in the system of the client.
3. Every month the client approves the hours worked of this freelancer.
4. The client delivers the approved hours to Myler
5. Based on the specific contract and the approved hours Myler creates an invoice for the freelancer and sends this (automatically) by e-mail to the freelancer for his administration.
6. Based on the terms of payment, Myler pays the invoice to the freelancer.

Illustration 2

Our current billing process works as following. The ZZP’er (freelancer) shares his hours worked with its Klant (client) and after approval the freelancer uploads its invoice on our website. Myler receives the overview of the client and checks these with the invoice of the freelancer. If this is correct, Myler pays the invoice based on the terms of payment within the contract. If not, the whole process starts from the beginning. For all three parties this means more work, a bigger error margin and a longer lead time to finish the process.

As you can see the full information at the beginning of the process (visualized with the circles) is missing in our current process. With ‘double reversed billing’ (our new process) all the information is transparent for all three parties within this process. The source of this information is the data of the client, shared to both the freelancer and Myler. Myler creates the invoice based on this information. And as the invoice is based on the information of the contract and the hours worked by the freelancer, the freelancer only needs to check the information on the invoice of Myler and wait for the payment.


In the atttached PDF file you will find a file with a process illustration that might help you understand Illustration 2 better. 

I also added three design mockups of the redesigned Myler website that will be launched within a month. The illustration must fit in this design. You can use colors, style and maybe components of the designs for your entry.

Good luck! Thank you for your interest in this contest!

Best regards,

Mathijs van der Kooi

manager marketing & communications at Myler

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  • Hi Dwight,

    Thank you very much for joining the contest. Unfortunately we decided not to continue with you. But you are the second best.

    Regards, Myler #7
  • Hi Archasi,

    What I liked about your design is the fine understanding of the process that we briefed. The design was 'judged' just a tiny bit less then the winner. Thanks for participating! #4
  • Hi Dwight,

    Thank you for participation. You had to deal with a very good competition this contest. Your designs are not at the level to win this time. So keep pushing! Thanks #3
  • Hi! Thank you for participation in our contest. Your design stands out in being very minimal. But it does not fit our design. #2
  • Hi Lina, thank you very much for participating in this design contents. As your designs are very nice, it misses the fit to our new homepage. So kudos for creating the bridge from our concept to a process illustration
  • Please extend the contest if possible.
  • With some repair for illustration 2 #8
  • This one is more of a minimal duotone approach compared to the previous design. Also If there is simple type content, it can be added on the left side of the numbers otherwise, it can be just negative space for aesthetic purposes. #7
  • This is the second design #6
  • I hope this design can explain the new Myler concept clearly. I'm waiting you feedback, Sir.

    Best Regards,
    Arina #5
  • Any feedback would be great. #3
  • Hello. Please check my design.
    I would appreciate your feedback.
    Thank you. #1
    • @lina.g12 Hi Lina, thank you for your design. I will check if there are any more designs next monday and provide you (together with my collegae) and other designers our feedback on your work. Best regards!