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Project description

I'm in the process of putting together my One Story Brand Away Roadmap. Below is what I'm envisioning. I need someone to design the graphic. Visually I'd like to see a Roadmap with 8 road markers or signs (or something along those lines). 

  1. Set Your Intention & Destination
  2. Select the "Hero” of Your Story -- Your Audience
  3. Who Meets a Villain and Runs Into a Wall
  4. Position Your Brand as an Empathetic & Credible Guide 
  5. You Give Your Hero a Plan
  6. Your Hero Arrives at a Fork in the Road
  7. You Call Them to Action
  8. Your Hero Emerges Victorious Arriving at their Destination Transformed

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  • Hi there

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    • @sharie Thanks for explaining :)

    • @Phouii Ok hopefully it worked that time! Is it possible to make Roadmap one word?

    • @rrudominer Lol sorry still didn't work somehow.............this is odd isn't it, happy to make changes but have no access at this stage to send anything.

    • @rrudominer This is admin Sharie, you need to select 3 medals, gold is your paid winner you work with silver and bronze get extra designer points. If you would like let me know what entry number for gold, entry for silver and entry for bronze, all 3 different designers. I will mark them for you Thank you

  • Thanks I saw your message. I just selected you as the winner! #5
    • @rrudominer hi there, looks like system has not updated or it didn't work, I don't see the gold medal icon next the design, usually I will get email updates that a winner has been selected but have not yet. BTW when you say left to right do you mean that flipping the design like horizontal flip?

    • @rrudominer if you get chance to look at a winning contest there are medals next to them?

    • @rrudominer

  • I might also add in numbers on the street like your others #5
  • Can you add in a brick wall at point 3 when they face villain? Th #5
  • I hope you like this #31
  • The infographics are more modern in this version also I try to keep design minimal and cleaner. #10
    • @Phouii well done! Great. I'd might make the font more prominent for each stop somehow. maybe make the street signs easier to read? Thoughts?

    • @rrudominer Hello,thank you I have sent revised designs, thanks for suggestions.

  • revision #28
  • in process
  • I hope you like my design #21
    • @Afandi Can you make this more of a road instead of a space ship?

  • I hope you like my design, I'm waiting for feedback from you. thank you #19
  • I hope you like my design, I'm waiting for feedback from you. thank you #18
  • The road is a bit roughly done but can be adjusted for final artwork. #12
  • Simple clean, clear design #8
  • More colors #3
  • Hello hope this is what you envisioned, please provide feedback happy to make any changes. #2
  • Attached is my current logo. Feel free to be creative with signs -- such as fork in the road, running into danger etc.
    • @rrudominer День добрый! Не видно логотипа. Отправьте хоть что-то. Благодарю

  • I included a possible roadmap idea I was playing around with
  • Attached is my current logo. Feel free to be creative with signs -- such as fork in the road, running into danger etc. Unless it's going to straight-up or across. Ideally, the direction goes up and to the right.