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Winning design #7 by Meow, Infographic Design for Ritani Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Meow

Project description


I'm looking to create an infographic 'How to buy an engagement ring' based on the information from this landing page

Here is an example of another branded infographic we've created. 

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

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  • remove "her" insert, "ask your partner's friends or family for ring ideas - chances are they shared wishes with a confidant. If you want to keep your proposal a surprise, propose with a simple solitaire setting, then the two of you can shop together after the proposal for the perfect ring. #12
    • @Ritani About #12, @kristinemaesantos123
      Hello contest holder,
      The contest have expired and i cannot upload new changes.
      But if you choose me as the winner , we will have a week to have revisions and do some changes,
      Thank you :)

    • @Ritani Hello contest holder, I have revised and applied the changes. Waiting for your decision to extend or choose a winner.

  • Let's leave out the intro. Just listing the 5 steps will probably be enough information for users. Thank you! :) #7
    • About #7, @Ritani
      Hello. Your contest has expired. You may choose to extend the contest or choose a winner, which you'll have to tweak the design chosen.

  • I would use less text on each of the steps. Thanks! :) #10
  • I would condense the text in each of the 5 steps. #27
  • Here is a revision of my current design, different format/layout, without words #30
  • Here is a revision of my current design, similar format without words #29
  • Remove "she" - add in "your partner" #12
  • Remove "she" - add in "your partner" #12
  • change "she" to "your partner" #12
  • #17 , #18 , #19 , #20 , #21 here are my enteries , would be happy to know your opinons & suggestions about them
    • About #17, @PrasadHarshad They look good. I would reduce the text for each step and remove the intro text under "How to buy an engagement ring". The visuals look great.

  • Take out the text. Just leave the Ritani yellow logo. Thanks! :) #4
  • Not sure of the format or where the infographic will be used so sizes/text may be a little off. Please feedback and let me know if I'm heading in the right direction. Thanks #9
  • New design. I reduced the texts to 1-3 sentences. I kept the layout and colors from your other infograph. Is this what you're looking for? #7
  • I hope this info-graphic design is the style you are looking for, please give feedback and let me know if you'd like me to make any changes! #4
  • The color theme looks great!
  • We are looking for an infographic that uses less text. We'd ideally want the images to be the main focus of the infographic for better sharing success. #2
  • are you looking for something with vector images like your sample or real images like your website?
    • @shaya Vector images similar to the sample.

    • @Ritani please rate and comment on my entry..thanks

  • hi, Would you like to use the same look and feel of your sample infographic or do you prefer a new approach? Are there any guidelines for which fonts to use and colors? Thank you.
  • are you looking for something with vector images like your sample or real images like your website?
  • Hello,
    Can you please mention the dimension of the infographic?