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designed by EssJay

Project description

We are group of 11 endodontists in Arizona.  We are specialists in root canals.  Our website is

We just acquired a CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) machine from a company called Carestream.  The link to the product is here:  

The model is called CS8100 3D.  This machine allows us to take a 3D X-ray of a tooth.  It is a powerful diagnostic tool but there are concerns that this extra image taken can cause fear with patients with respect to excessive radiation exposure.  

This brings us to the need for an 8x11.5 printed and laminated infographic card to help calm patient's fears about radiation exposure by comparing the amount of radiation for a CBCT image versus common day to day radation exposure.  This infographic card can be presented to the patient while they are at our office.  We would like to use this with patients in our office and also as promotional material for local referring dental offices.  Branding with our company logo is important to us.  

To learn more, here's an article to read:

Attached is an example of an existing infographic that has this purpose.  We would like our own unique version with the opportunity to improve it and make it even more effective.

Also attached, our company logo and some sample images of CBCT imaging, CBCT machine.  

Below are examples  of radation dosages of day to day exposures compared to CBCT imaging, dental panoramic radiographs, and traditional digital radiographs:

In microsieverts (unit of radation)
* Banana: 0.1
* Airport security scan:  0.25
* Single tooth Digital X-ray: 0.2
* Day trip to Grand Canyon: 1.2
* Full mouth digital X-ray:  3.9
* Daily natural exposure:  17
* A flight from New York to Los Angeles: 40
* Living in a stone, brick, or concrete building for a year 70
* Smoking 1 ½ packs of cigarettes: 100
* Living at sea level: 250 (per year)
* Annual dose received from food:  400
* Living in Denver: 500 (per year)
* Endodontic limited field of view CBCT:  5-38 (at most, less than a flight from NYC to LA)
* Dental panoramic radiograph: 9-26
* Annual natural radiation absorption from surroundings:  2400 per year
Bottom line: Americans are exposed to far more radiation in their daily lives. CBCT cone beam imaging is therefore safe for pregnant women, children, and even cancer patients previously exposed to radiation treatment.

As you work on this infographic project, feel free to contact us for further guidance. 

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  • Greetings,
    If you need any refinements in the design, please do let me know.
    The color scheme used in the design are taken from your logo.
    Dental rated infographics are highlighted so that they will be more focused.

    EssJay #6
  • - fix of typo and small improvements of design #1
    - added boundary line to see the actual format #5
  • Just tell me any changes you like CH . About #4, @IamSoya
    hello . if you choose this as the winner , we will enter the revision stage and I will give as much revision as you like . the icons are much more graphical compare to the others and people will understand more . #4
  • Each dot regardless size represents one microsieverts.

    Green color is used for the bars of the everyday radiation in order
    to show the exposure rates used for comparison are mostly natural
    and nothing harmful.

    Bars and font of the dental imaging use the colors of the logo.

    The log and the image of the CBCT machine are embedded as bitmaps. #1
  • Please extend the deadline, so that we can deliver a good work
  • Could you please provide me with some branding information, such as font, colors. etc?
  • Would you like to have a pictograph or a single icon (ex. Banana plus radiation level)
    And is their specific dimensions of the infographic?
    • @trea99 I believe the summary states that the dimensions are to be 8.5x11.