I think your site could do with some improvement. Things are not in obvious places, the messaging system is awkward and confusing and my colleagues had a difficult time trying to vote on the shortlist. I think you could make the experience more user friendly and less confusing to be quite honest.

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Winning design #92 by beula2570, Infographic Design for www.coinetize.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by beula2570

Project description

We want to create a 'How it works' series of slides for our micropayments website (www.coinetize.com). There should be 6 slides in total with the following text:

1. You link your website to Coinetize
2. Set prices for links on your website
3. A visitor clicks to see the link fee
4. And clicks again to pay
5. We pay you in Bitcoin instantly
6. We will be making our launch announcement shortly
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The point is to be simple and clear. We would like the illustrations to be professional and informative. We are aiming for a young adult audience so it is good if the designs can have a lighthearted feel - but this should not impact on the professional feeling.

It is also important to pay attention to the colours and design on the front page of our site. The slides will be placed at the top of the front page (directly under the top menu bar) and should be a good fit in terms of colours and style in this position.

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  • Hi All - Quick update. The following designs were shortlisted and are currently being voted on by a private panel: #73 by jcolleen, #86 by wbeehive, #87 by Hipni, #92 by rafirezeki, #57 by beula_2570, #91 by Routh, #99 by SamuraiStudios, #85 by ParanormalCreativitiy. The winner will be chosen shortly. Thank you.
  • Thank you for your previous comments @tom_gracey! I thought I'd upload the outline version of the icons I created as well. #104
  • Decided to go for a more dynamic looking background on this final design and stuck with the drop shadow under the illustrations from the previous entry. Lastly, I changed the header to a banner design for a different look. #99
  • I changed around the color scheme from my previous entry, added a slight drop shadow to the illustrations and redid the headings on each page to hopefully suit the theme better. #97
  • Hi everyone. Just to let you know it is not completely my decision on which entry will be the winner. We will be drawing up a shortlist of the best entries, and then I will put it to a panel of voters. So it is still an open situation as to which entry will win.
  • Please take a look at my entry and let me know what do you think...
    I uploaded some of the slides just to show the concept and the style and I'm so sorry that i couldn't finished the rest of slides before the deadline.. But they're on progress.. Thank you! #92
  • About #85, @ParanormalCreativity I just took you advice to look at the comments for the other designers so I did what you need but in my modern icon style with pay stub from your link which you provide me before .. thanks for your feedback
  • Hi Mr. Tom Gracey .. I've edit the background hope I get what you need waiting your feedback I'm interesting to work with you #88
  • Hello,
    Please view design #86. Hope you like it. Waiting for your response and feedback.
  • I make some changes may you like it .. I'd love to hear your feed back .. thanks #85
  • Hi Mr. Tom Gracey this is my idea with new updates hope you like it .. have nice day :) #84
  • Hi @jcolleen - I love this! My favourite so far. I would change the font of 'how it works' to something simpler - and there are a few small cosmetic changes I would make but we could discuss those. Overall this is really nice!
  • Hi @cavante - slides 1,2, 5, and 6 are good in terms of content - but as I have said many times, we don't want the coinetize logo on the slides, so you'll need to find an icon to replace this. I do really like the idea behind slide 2, just showing dollar signs pointing to the web page. This is perfect.
    Slides 3 and 4 are not working though - these are confusing. We really need to be specific with showing a close up of a link here.
    Style: this needs work. The text and the numbers look boxy, not natural, unprofessional. The green colour does not work at all (and I am confused why you would choose it). Take a look at our site which is in blues essentially.
    • About #40, @tom_gracey Many thanks for your feed-back. I already updated a new design inside your advices.

      Just to explain: I choose green because I did' understand that must be with your set of colour, I understand that needs to be some that fits well. The green is warmest than blue and white, also has a good contrast with the dark blue in the website background, so i taught that could be a good idea. I hope that now you like my new design. Thank you for the opportunity.

      #77 #78 #79 #80

  • Please feedback :) #74
  • This version has a lighter background and a slightly altered 2nd slide. Please let me know if you'd like to see any improvements. :) #73
  • Hey @tom_gracey! I've designed this with your comments to other submissions' in mind, so I hope this is close to what you're looking for. Please let me know if there are any changes you'd like to see made. I've also created a lighter version of the background in case that was something you preferred. #67
  • Hi Contest Holder, How's this? :) #65
  • I apologize as I just noticed as there is a typo on slide 6 in my entry. I can change it as needed.
  • In these slides I tried to make the theme simplistic and easy to read as well as keeping the styling consistent. I designed all of the illustrations, using a dark blue similar to one from the coinetize website to outline the shapes and a clean white as a fill color. Hopefully you like it! #61
  • About #58, @ParanormalCreativity - yes I do like the style and the colours are much better. The illustrations in slided 2,3,4,5 are too weak though. Please see comments to other designers. These should be more explicitly tailored to our setup process. So there needs to be an illustration of an actual website link - and a paystub.