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Winning design #46 by betterwaydesigns, Label Design for 57 Cellars Contest
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designed by betterwaydesigns

Project description

I am currently a home winemaker but going to go commercial in a small way. I've designed my own labels before and they have been OK but I'm no designer!

The reason for the name is two-fold, the address of the property is 10257 and my classic car is a 1957 Chevy. I would like to have the car as part of the design either prominently or subdued.
I will be a vineyard as well as a winery. I would like to have the label as versatile as possible in that it has to change each year for varietal and year. Maybe a space that could be run through the printer each year to add the specific info but be able to run bulk of the base label?

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  • I would like to thank all the designers who submitted entrees. You are a very talented group and deciding among several excellent designs was difficult.
    I hope to get to work with each of you at some point, but I had to chose one.
    thanks again
  • Another version. I will be glad your comments #54
  • Another version. I will be glad your comments #53
  • Hi! Another version of the label from me. Classic style #52
  • Thanks for ratings i am glad that you like my designs, here is burgundy color variation for this design. I can make it more prominent with adding more red color but i like this soft style. #46
  • Hi! This is my versions label design. I will be glad if You rate or comment on my work. #39
  • Changed main informations to match your description and wine variety. In next few uploads i will made some variations on this design with good feedback so that you can have more options. Thanks! #27
  • One of the previous concepts but different coloration and chevy is placed and scaled up to be stronger design element.It would be nice to know which grape varieties you use, because label design can and should vary on that basis. #21
  • This is more modern approach with unique elements. #19
  • Here is another clean minimalistic concept with soft colors and elegant design. Bottom part of label contains dummy text that can be changed accordingly as you stated in your brief. Thanks! #17
  • Here is just the label from previous entry for clearer viewing. Hoping for some feedback! Thanks #13
  • Here is second concept, very nice background picture with soft colors and in front focus is chevy with engaging red color. Font and textual info can be changed easily. #12
  • Just the label from my previous design. #11
  • Hello, here is my entry for you wine label design contest. This is representation of how it would look like on actual bottle, just to have that in mind. In next entry i will upload just label for your clearer viewing. Will work on few more different concepts and submit them in upcoming days. I am hoping for your feedback and guides about anything like fonts, color to make my entries as good as possible.Thanks! #10
  • Dear @winemaker1964! Check please my entries #8 and #9. Any feedback would be great!

    Kind regards
  • About #2, @gerganavlaykova
    I very much like the graphic. The 10257 can be eliminated from the art. The whole reason for this contest is to have a comlete wine label. They are usually about 3.5" wide and 5" tall and need to incorporate information pertinent to a wine label. Varietal and year etc.
    • About #2, @winemaker1964 Thanks for the feedback :) I will make it in the right size and leave empty space above so you can add information later.

  • About #3, @faifara
    Interesting design, but not what I had in mind.
  • Hi, dear @winemaker1964!
    Unfortunately the word file doesn't open correctly.
    Could you please update it or submit the info in other file format?

    Thank you and Kind regards
  • Hey, I can't open the attached file. Do you have a logo?