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Winning design #22 by isa9191, Label Design for AUTFACTORY Contest
Gold Medal

designed by isa9191

Project description

We have a product called AUTFACTORY (see Homepage) in the version "2008". The next version is called Dufour (pronounced "[dyˈfuːr…]"). The name is coming from the seven second summits, see links:
Monte rosa
It is more difficult to climb the second highest summit as the climb to the highest summit. We development a complete new application and we going not the easy way.

Our product is used for the industry and is spezialiced for "Indstrie 4.0", "Smart production" or "Advanced manufactoring Partnership"
see Definition

We need a new splashscreen (Label) when the application starts.

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  • Hello to all designers, I've started a voting in my company, at Monday I will choose the winner. Thanks to all.

    Best Regards Oliver
  • Thought this was really modern, simplistic, as well as coherent for your splash screen. I also found a way to incorporate your company's colors into the design. Please feel free to send any feedback, comments, or questions. Thanks #27
  • Forgot to cite picture: #26
  • Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. #26
  • Here's my design. #23
  • Clean and modern design.

    I used the photo from the wikipedia, if you dont like it just tell me.

    Also added icons for a better communication informing your products.
    The yellow line is loading bar.

    If there's problem or change, just let me know

    ISa #22
  • Clean and modern design,
    Added icon for a better communication to the customer.
    the yellow bar is loading progress. #21
  • looks a little bit like powerpoint #7
  • It's too close to the other designs #14
  • Visionsystems is not a product it's company #13
  • Trying a rough idea. Please let me know what you think and how I can improve the design for you. #14
  • images sources: #9
  • does the design need to have a specific or max size?
    • @kirarja circa 600 x 400 for the splash screen but it should 16:10 format

  • Hello i hope you like my design :),
    have a good day! #6
  • Hello, i hope you like my design :)
    have a nice day! #5
  • I'm missing the name Dufour [dyˈfuːr…] and the context to industry 4.0, see briefing but it looks good. #1
    • About #1, @AUTFORCE

      OK I will modified,
      BTW is it allowed I use the picture that I capture from the video from the link you write at the briefing?

    • @ndoel No, it's not allowed but for design it's ok

    • @AUTFORCE Yes I Mean the picture for the design not for my self