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Winning design #9 by babar786, Label Design for BAZLER Contest
Gold Medal

designed by babar786

Project description

Product name: BAZLER
Processed Cheddar Cheese
The label will be printing on tins, the base color should be blue, the tins are easy open

Fat in dry matter: min. 53%
Ingredients: cow cheese (full fat pasteurized cow milk, microbial rennet, salt), water, butter, salt
Emulsifiers (E452, E450, E339)
Preservatives (E202, E234)
Acidity regulator (E330)
Store between 15 C -25 C
After opening put it in a refrigerated place and to be consumed within 7 days.
Production and expiry date printed on the bottom.
Made in Hungary.

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  • About #9, @mohammed1 hi CH. mohammed thank you so much for giving me nice comments okay i will make changes but how i uploaded design because your project time was finished if you choose me as a winner then i will send to you with final changes thanks again waslam 
    best regards
  • take this decoration and replace it with different effects #9
  • make the picture smaller to be suitable #9
  • change this color to yellow or red #9
  • 2nd presentation #10
  • hi contest holder mohammed thanks for giving me nice comments i have uploaded design hopefully you will like my new entry thanks
    best regards
    babar786 #9
  • hi contest holder i have uploaded design hopefully you will like my first effort thanks
    best regards
    babar786 #2
    • @babar786 can you change the shape of the cheese, I don't like the slice concept

  • Contents and color can always be changed and adjusted. Feel free to comment. Thanks! #4
  • Label design #1
  • hi @mohammed1,
    does BAZLER had a logo?
    • @sdiq_ms NO, there is just the company logo

  • hi @mohammed1,
    could you tell us the size of the can, so we can make the text can be read well
    • @sdiq_ms the diameter is 10 cm, and the height is 4.5 cm

  • hi Contest holder mohammed can you make your project blind?
    best regards
  • Hi @mohammed1,
    Please attach your product sample and size.
    It will make the process less strenuous.

    • @RayoNathan the shape of the product looks like the samples that I uploaded. For the size, I can adjusted later

  • @mohammed1 Hi! the logo that you uploaded, is it the company / manufacturer logo or the product logo?
    • @nvillegas it is our company logo

  • Hi mohammed1,
    Please attach your product sample and size.
    It will make the process less strenuous.

  • Hi, dear @mohammed1!
    Do you have a logo to put on the label?
    What is the size of the label?
    Do you have any images of the product you want to place on the label?

    Thank you
    Best regards
    • @Anastasiia yes I do have a logo, I will uploaded right now The size is 340 g Also, I will upload some product that already in the market. Best Regards, Mohammed.

    • @Anastasiia I need something attractive to the costumer