Blueberry Hill Coffee Co.

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Project description

We are a small family owned Winery in North Georgia area, we are considering opening a coffee roasting bar within our hotel. Our first step is to create the brand identity with our coffee and do a feasibility analysis within our two businesses to see if this will work in area before going all out with the equitment and spaces.  

Our goal is to create a logo which is not to complex but catches the eye with modern lines, playfulness and color. See attached images.  

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  • About #15, @wilfernandobra

    Hi, sorry for the delay in the process. I do like your design and would like to move forward. I have some changes that I would like to make. including adding a back label is this doable?
    • @fritchle5 Hello there no worries thanks for getting in touch. What would you like to change on that and info to go at the back?

  • hopefully you like my design #36
  • Hi,
    Please have a look. If you need to change anything please let me know.
    I am waiting for your valuable feedback? #24
  • Coffee blueberry coffee cup logo shows blueberries can also be processed into delicious

    coffee #21
  • Hello there follows a design variation. #16
  • Dear fritchle5 follows design for review. Thanks. #15
  • About #11, @Phopon Hello sir please check my work, if any revision i'll ready, thanks and have a nice day..
  • Dear CH
    Check my design please #10
    Thanks you