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Project description

We’re looking for an artist to create labels for three new wines that will be marketed primarily in Asia. The wines are Clear Lake Red Hills Dragon, Clear Lake Moon Tears, and Clear Lake Lapilli.  We are looking for contemporary elegance in a design that honors the traditions of a classic wine label. We're also looking for imagination and fun! The wines are table wines, nothing intimidating about it or the dragon. If you're interested in re-imagining a dragon with us, please check out the attached file. 

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  • Hi! I am very glad that you liked my works. Here are a few more of my design variants. #85
  • About #77, @WarrenKramer
    Thank you for the encouraging comments. If you are requesting additional designs, that must mean those submitted so far are not quite working for you. I'd be happy to offer other options, but rather than flying blind, it would be helpful to know what is lacking in my previous work. Thank you.
    • @WarrenKramer -- We continue to be open to the creativity and expression of the designers but our research showed that very traditional and classic labels appeal to our audience. We particularly like your dragon. Please don't feel compelled to submit more, we just wanted to explain why we decided to extend the contest.

  • black and white #62
  • classic design that reflects the quality of wine #60
  • Dear Sir;
    Kindly find my design for Clear Lake Wine
    Have a nice day #36
  • HI, fallen stars symbolizing tears, its like moon is crying. Indian girl on the bottom. Feedback is welcome #12