Cosmetic Dropper Bottle and Box Design

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Winning design #41 by Nasrul, Label Design for Cosmetic Dropper Bottle and Box Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Nasrul

Project description

We currently sell into luxury health spas and need to rebrand with a new product design.

Our new design should be modern and exude "healthy/green/organic/plant/spa"

An image of the dropper bottle we will use is attached and so is our logo. We also need a white box designed.

We envision  2 colors + a metallic foil stamp.

In our logo...we would like the vertical stripe and the drop both printed with metallic foil.

Color pallet versions we would like to see are: 

  • Red (with gold metallic foil) and 
  • Aqua or a soft light blue (with silver metallic foil)

Brands/Designs for Inspiration include:

  • Laneige
  • SKII (shiseido)
  • IOPE
  • Sulwhasoo
  • Tata Harper 




500 mg

30ml (1 oz.)

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  • About #41, @Nasrul

    Hello, yes we attempted multiple times yesterday to award you this project. There is an apparent bug with Design Contest that we have reported yesterday and again just now.

    Hopefully they will resolve this fast.
  • The bubble design elements on the white panels need removed. #41
    • @CAVU Concepts Hi..thanks for the feedback...unfortunately I cannot upload the revision as you asked because the contest has expired.. Either you extend the contest or choosing me as a winner then I will upload the revision...thank you..

  • Make Top of Box Red with Gold foil Logo #41
  • This left panel stays like you have it now. #41
  • Please make the Front, Right, Back, panels white with red logo and lettering. #41
  • Please make the logo and all lettering red #41
  • Please make the bottle White. #41
  • Thank you so much for your submission. We are reviewing now and will choose a winner within the next 72 hours. Again thank you.
    • @CAVU Concepts oh eliminated again lol guess no good at this project.

  • Hello there, the bottle is frosted glass, the prints are white and blue and the white sprinkles of stardust will be silver, white metallic, that you can feel when touched, so it will make box and dropper quite glittery, not that great at Photoshop to show it look shiny and glittery, but if you can envision it? Or can also have the image logo silver, white metallic as well, there is always room for revisions. Lynda #44
  • Hi Contest Owner, Please check my updated design concept but it’s customizable. your feedback would be highly appreciated. if there anything to change, just feel free to below. I'll be happy to do the changes.
    Thank you #42
  • Thank you so much. We will definitely be awarding a winner in this contest.

    Your design has been submitted to our team to select the winner.
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  • submissions with a white opaque bottle #36
  • Wow! Can we see versions of this in red?

    1 with th repeated logo's and one without? #17
    • @CAVU Concepts Thank you for the feedback..please see revision and some of the new designs that I have made...

  • Great job. Can you show both of the submissions you did with a white opaque bottle? #19
  • Hi...please check out my design for your product..feel free to provide feedback...thank you #17 #18
  • Hello, I really like this and am sending to our team for comments. Yes, the bottle is opaque white.
  • more white in this version. #14
  • Happy to make any revisions if requested. #11
  • Hello, the bottle image sample provided is not see through but opaque white?
  • Can you show this red version with the logo on the corner of the box? #2
    • @CAVU Concepts I add red version. #10 It will be useful if you give more information about packaging. Label and box size, nutrition facts, or other information. Thanks!