Fresh Roasted Coffee

having many compete for the final design for your needs is a great idea. the team at Design Contest was extremely helpful and went out of their way to resolve glitches when there were communication issues with the designer. I will use them again.

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Winning design #26 by ElenaR, Label Design for Fresh Roasted Coffee  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ElenaR

Project description

need to design a themed label which can be flexible so as to keep the theme and design but change the description of the given coffee type and roast , whole bean or ground (i.e., a dark roast from Costa Rica can be inputted using the basic design theme for one batch; and the same basic design can be used for Ethiopian medium roast on the next batch).

input items should be type of coffee, roast quality, origin, weight, and a description of the coffee itself (i.e., sweet or nutty aroma, smooth or acidity etc.)

can include a new logo theme but also interchangeable with a generic type of branding (i.e., choice of corporate logo or no corporate logo).

design will be printed on a 4" x 3" label which can be affixed to the coffee bag)  

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  • hi contest holder i have uploaded design hopefully you will like my first design thanks
    kind regards
    babar786 #24
  • so far so good. I like. may still need to be tweaked and a logo attached #16
  • dear @norstaneisl my updated design.. #16
  • 2nd bag option #14
  • 1st bag option #13
  • you have spelt roasted wrong on all of your entries ?....
  • I like the lighter one better than the darker colored one. can we make it more modern styling (fonts, etc) and instead of the shipping type of details, lets make it more fluid while keeping the same details (and lets see how it looks in the tan family that is a little lighter than the top (instead of white).... but so far o like very much #6
  • dear @norstaneisl...hope this can suit yr requirement... #5
  • 1
    • @SabrinaFay its an interesting start. I like the top a little better (its lighter) but also like a multi color effect (maybe lighten up the bottom to a tan effect). but more importantly, I need to allow for details as to coffee product content (i.e., where the coffee is from, weight, roast levels etc.)

  • Do you already have a logo that you want placed on the label? What's the brand name?
    • @bulletproof working on one and perhaps that is another job for someone who can produce a label that is acceptable. For now you can dummy one up. but remember the label should allow for detailing of the coffee product in the bag (which will vary based on the type of coffee), so the label should be able to make those variation changes while keeping the same brand design.

  • Hello! This is my design. I hope you like it. I can change what you want! Thank you :) #3
    • @LauraFdz24 remember this is for a label on a 1 or 2 lb coffee bag, so I don't think a picture of a coffee cup works. would need more detailing and less of a clip art picture.

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