Hemp Oil

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Project description

We need a hemp oil label design. Label dimensions: 1.771 X 3.976

Product Name: Pure Hemp Oil

Please see attached PDF for more product information.

UPDATE: PLEASE USE a dark brown bottle and black dropper in your mock up, we like the oil drop and abstract leaf style of #28.

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  • We like this... but we like the abstract leaf in #28 and the drop affect in #28...also, can you do an amber colored bottle for the mock up? #12
    • @mgrnetworking Thanks for your feedback CH! Really appreciate it. I can do all the required changes as per your request to my entry. But since the contest is expired, I can no longer submit entries. Contest holders might have to pay some extra amount to extend the contest or else if you have decided to go with my design (with a few changes required), you can choose my entry as the winning entry so that I can upload the revised design in the finalization page of the contest.

    • Waiting for your response CH @mgrnetworking

    • Has the contest been abandoned CH @mgrnetworking? I'm waiting for an update regarding this contest.

    • What has happened to this contest CH @mgrnetworking? Can you please give an update?

  • Please Extend the submission tume, thanks.
  • This is my 3rd alternative for your product. #29
  • This is my 2nd alternative for your product. #28
  • An elegant design for your product. This is my 1st alternative. #27
  • simple and professionel #13
  • Hello there CH @mgrnetworking. Hope you are having a wonderful day. The label is designed to look professional, modern and is as per the brief. Waiting for your valuable feedback on the label design.

    Best Regards,
    3B Designs #12