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Winning design #53 by orozko_2391, Label Design for Hex Wines Contest
Gold Medal

designed by orozko_2391

Project description

Wine Label Design

The submitted design doesn't need to be a finished product, it can be a sketch idea or mostly finished design.

We're starting a wine label and will only have 2 wines, Shiraz (red wine) and Pinot Gris (white wine).

Hex is an old fashioned word for "Spell" (as in Magic Spell).

We would like to use some sort of vague spell on the label, but it will only be 4 to12 lines, as wine labels are small.

Approx size of the label will be 80mm x 210mm, as the label will wrap around the bottle and be one single label, instead of a separate front and rear label, however, we only need the front design done, we will do the rest ourselves. The front design should be roughly square, but can be slightly rectangular, with the horizontal axis being the longer side. At a push, we could probably print 100mm high x 210mm wide.

Our target market is 18-35 yr olds.

My initial thoughts were to have an attractive woman, dressed in white witch type clothes and some sort of romantic spell, but we're open to anything at all, just use this if you can't think of a design yourself.

If the Magic theme doesn't work for you, we'd be open to Hex meaning Hexagon, but it would need to be a fantastic design, as it's hard to see where you could go with just a Hexagonal design with wine, whereas you can have a spell for anything, so it's easy to use for other wines if we're successful in selling these.

Design can be full colour, but would be preferable being 3 or less colours.

Think that's it, thanks for considering this project.

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  • Apologies to all designers, we've had a serious 3 day storm and we've been dealing with that and haven't had a chance to setup voting and no one is available to vote anyway, as most houses are without power. As soon as the weather calms, we'll get back to this.
  • Simplified the original design greatly, added some gradients, the symbol in the middle of the star(three diamonds) is the symbol for "spirit of wine":

    "The Mystery and Romance of Alchemy and Pharmacy" 1897


  • remove all the straight lines that make it look a bit like a Sun #68
  • About #68, @loveanfield96 Getting there. The ravens look a bit too balanced. Perhaps try just one raven, probably larger and going across the design.
  • About #70, @ElenaR Design as per comments on #71. Colour combination doesn't work at all sorry. We'll need it to really stand out, so Gold or Silver I think with this design. Most likely Silver will work better I think, but try Gold/Yellow, which might work better with a red highlight here and there as well.
  • About #71, @ElenaR I quite like it, but it's a bit busy (too many elements). I'm thinking maybe drop the square border and the horizontal lines around the circle as well and see what happens. The Font for "Pinot Gris" doesn't work with this design either, it's a modern font, whereas the design is ancient, with a bit of a modern twist.
  • Hi! Another design from me. If he like it, then do the same layout in a vertical position. #71
  • Hi! Another design from me. If he like it, then do the same layout in a vertical position. #70
  • About #67, @loveanfield96 Overall, I like the feel of this label and like the way you've set out the word Hex.
  • I like the idea of the ravens here, but they're not quite the right pose, maybe looking ahead or forward, rather than backward #67
  • Remove the straight lines here #67
  • Certainly has potential this one. #64
  • Not bad, think we've probably gone as far as we can with this design. #65
  • Thank's for your comments and ratting. I'm sorry sir,my English is not too well, but i'll try to understand what you want. #64
  • I'll start getting people to vote on designs in the last day of the contest, so if you have any designs in mind, get them in fairly quickly. Thank you to all the designers for your hard work so far.
  • I've got a simplified idea, but was wondering about the 3 color limit. I have noticed a lot of recent designs are using some pretty complex gradients, so am I to assume that the 3 color idea is completely out the window at this point?
    • @weiesnbach Sorry, didn't see this comment. Where 2 designs were close in our thoughts or where votes were similar, then 3 colours (or less) would be a factor, but I think we really want a great design first and a cheap to produce design second, so go for it.

  • Don't like these bottom swirls, they don't blend in with anything. #63
  • About #63, @loveanfield96 Too dark for me. Words are also "Pinot Gris" for the white wine and "Shiraz" for the Red Wine. Don't like the curved banner the say this is done, but it might work curved it if the whole design was brighter.
  • Try just using one of these circles in the middle, but bigger and perhaps try just shrinking this entire circular thing and see if that looks OK #62
  • Delete these swirl things at the bottom #62