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Winning design #53 by moonart, Label Design for HoloCode Water Contest
Gold Medal

designed by moonart

Project description

Need revision of existing label with more up to date look but still using all of the existing copy.

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  • Hello Alvaro,

    Im glad you entered the contest. I'm Italian from abruzzi and was hoping for an italian designer. I am going to extend the contest to allow you to more fully expand and develop your design.


    Keith #43
    • About #43, @info@prosana.com Hi , keith thanks for the feedback , I'm glad to work for your project , yes I'm born In Almafi but I live in Tunisia since early age.

    • About #43, @info@prosana.com
      Concerning the redesign , just a couple of question that would helps me better do the work :
      1- Is is a new product or no , if no since when it is on the market ?
      2- The original background used is of space and galactic picture , does it have to do with the brand identity , if yes how?
      3- The aperture I already changed , does it suits your expectations or I have to provide another option ?

      Thank you, Alvaro.

  • About #53, @info@prosana.com Thanks.
  • About #53, @moonart WOW Excellent Very cool !!!!
    • @info@prosana.com Hello ch, Thank you so much again! one question please, You still want more design in your contest & your waiting 8 days more to choose winner? or pick a winner very soon ?

    • About #53, @moonart pick one very soon but want to give everyone a chance to make any final changes!!!!!!!!!!!

    • About #53, @moonart ...I believe you will win !!

  • Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #51
    • @info@prosana.com Thank you so much.

  • awesome but not as much dark purple lighten it it up make it POP even more, if possible more neon colors!!! #52
  • need a little more color like design #48 but keep the integrity of the galaxy...just need it to POP so people see it on the shelves in a store !!! #38
  • very cool but maybe bring some of the blue back into the background..not quite as pink but I like it !!! Thx #49
  • looks a little blurry...needs more clarity like #38 #41
  • combine the background of #38 and #41 together..I Iike this whirling look of the milk way combined with the shimmering light coming from behind the aperture #41
  • use Moonarts aperture..look at design #38 #34
  • add more color to the entire label...looks a bit dull but keep the background design just like it is...need to pop more like your Design #42 with color and detail and clarity #34
  • looks faded in this section...needs more detail and clarity #45
  • needs more clarity..looks a little blurry #44
  • back ground needs more detail and clarity #34
  • expand the back ground tso it covers the whole label like design #39 #34
  • Label size is 8.5" x 5" only #43
  • Very cool...you are definitely on target...I like all the color...just need to make the galaxy a little more detailed ...looks a little blurry !!...make the bubble a little more round rather than oval ..nice work !! #38
  • I like all the color but the design maybe a little to messy looking...clean it up and bring back the details like in design#34 !! Thx for your efforts !! #42
  • Hi @info@prosana.com this is my design for your product..hope u like it.. #37
  • make the background also more brightter and more color like design #34 #35