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Project description

Advanced BioCat makes the Accell Clean Hard Surface Cleaner used for cleaning kitchens, grease ovens, BBQ and general purpose de-greaser.  The product is innovative because we use natural proteins to offset traditional chemicals used in cleaners resulting in a product that is both more effective and less harmful than traditional cleaners.

see example of product and current label on amazon link.  we wish to improve this.  thanks.

also a PDF example of the current table is attached.  we are looking for design concepts that improve upon this.  thank you.

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  • Hi. @chrisharano
    Please check this new proposal. I hope you like it.

    Let me know your comments.
    Thank you #15
  • Hello ch, please check my complete label design, three different view hopefully you like. thanks #13
  • Hello! This is my version. It's modern and minimalistic. If you would like to change something let me know! Will do it quick!) #12
  • Please check my designs, i have proposed the concept of the 2 different color label design on your contest. and let me know if there are improvements you want.
    Best regards,
    • these look really good. thank you

    • @chrisharano Thank you so much for rating & feedback i uploaded my complete label design please check thanks again

  • The design on the bottles. #9
  • A more neater, simpler and more professional approach to the design. This design allows the brand to be expanded more easily. #8
  • Hi, Just wanted to know if you have any colour preferences or are we free to choose?
    • you are free to chose. we just want the label to be fresh and inviting but its hard for me to say what color that would be. i'm a finance person by background so i do need design help which is why i put this project out for this design contest. thank your participating.

  • Just to see how they would appear on the bottles. #7
  • Envisioned labels for Regular and Super - looking into the future :) #6
  • Proposed logo progress. Label design coming soon! #5
  • Hi Chris,

    Want to know about your product to work on contest.
    - Is that your logo on the product at Amazon that you want us to use?
    - Do you have the logo in .png , .eps, .psd or .ai format?
    - What is all of the information you want on label other than what is showing on picture? (looks like it might wrap around bottle almost all the way)
    - Does art need to be flat colors, or is use of gradients ok?
    - Do you have size of label (H x L)?

    • i would like to keep the trade name Accell Clean but have an entirely new logo and label designed. gradients are ok. i can upload a file of the current label to assist in the effort.