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Having no idea how to create labels on my own, I was not only connected with a designer that was able to create what I wanted but he also taught me a lot about the process along the way. I would definitely use design contest again.

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Winning design #26 by nyrntx, Label Design for Inegrate Health & Wellness Herbal Medicinary Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nyrntx

Project description

I am making labels for my business's products. We are Chinese medicine practitioners and I make tinctures, elixirs, drinking vinegars and medicinal honey. I use primarily Chinese herbs. I have a logo for our business but need to integrate it into the rest of the label and create something that sets the herbal medicinary apart from the clinic. The labels need to include ingredients, dosage, name of product, FDA disclaimer and our contact info. I am working with cobalt blue bottles in the following sizes: 1oz, 4oz and 8oz. I have included our logo and a sample label from another similar business. 

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  • Here's the version you requested with all the type running horizontal. #26
  • Can I see how the side panels look up-right? Did you do this in order to fit the info better or just to have it different? #23
  • Either of these two designs could be printed by you, on an inkjet printer #21
    • @nyrntx While I did say that I am planning on using a professional printer in order to get waterproof labels, I do like having the option to print them myself if I need them sooner than a printer would allow....

    • @nyrntx I think we would like to go with your design. I have a couple concerns about going the route of design contest in general and was hoping you could answer a few questions. 1. As you said, if I want to be able to alter the information on the label for each formula I create then I need to use the same software the designer what did you use? 2. Can we get the font and the template you used? 3. Will I be able to change the size of the label? I have 1 oz to 8oz bottles and the more I thought about it the more I figured the larger bottles would, obviously, need larger labels. 4. Is there anything else you think I need to know, being the novice I am? Thanks! Emily

  • Here's the amended design with the correction to your address. #23
  • The info line should include the non phonetic spelling of our business: Integrate Health & Wellness #21
  • About #21, @nyrntx overall I think I like the more natural tones of this design over #22.
  • I like that you added a blurb about the formula. I wasn't planning on having this originally but will include it on all the different formulas now. #21
  • as much as I do like the blue/see through label, I think it will be a bit more of a technical nightmare for actually printing them. Unless you think otherwise? #15
    • About #15, @emily_morrison1113

      Emily, you are correct, there are issues with printing clear labels. Here's what you need to know about clear labels. They need to be done by a professional printer and they should be done with opaque inks. If you're only going to do less than 100 of each of your labels, you would want to avoid this approach. Clear labels need to take into consideration what is printed on the back of the bottle. It can sometimes interfere with the print on the front. That said, I've done many of these labels and they look beautiful when applied to the bottle.

      However, if you're only doing a few of each of the labels and you're not planning on using a high-end label printing vendor, you're better off going with an opaque label, which I will show you.


    • @nyrntx Hi Rich, That's really helpful, thank you. I don't think we will be printing more than 100 of each so we should go opaque. I am also wondering, once I select a design, will I have the ability to change out the information on the labels for different products? I'm guessing I would but just wanted to check.

    • @emily_morrison1113 Emily let me ask you a few questions which will help all of the designers deliver better labels. 1. Are you printing these labels yourself on an inkjet printer? 2. Are you printing them on fixed size labels or cutting them to size after they are printed. 3. If you would like to change the information yourself, what software are you using? Most of the designers will be using Adobe Illustrator. However, labels can be set up to be changed in Microsoft Word. If you are using that method, make sure your winning designer is capable of delivering the label in that way. You will also need the fonts from the designer, so you can print the labels properly. If you can answer these questions, you will be MUCH happier with your results.

    • @nyrntx 1. I was planning on having them professionally printed mainly because I want the labels to be waterproof. 2. I will probably have them printed on fixed size labels since I will use different sized bottles for the same formula and to simply make things easier. 3. I know little to nothing about software, much less using it. Which is why I started this contest. I have a mac and can do simple changes of things (I think) if I have the right software. Is there a simple to use software that you would recommend me installing if I don't have it already? Thank you again, I entered this thing pretty blind so your direction has already been massively helpful. At this point, your design is in the lead and all of this assistance is only adding to you winning. So thank you!

  • Please check updated sharp design option. #20
  • About #16, @moonart can I see all the flu shot info put into this design? I like this style much more than the ones with the water droplet. thanks!
  • Please check updated design. #18
  • Remove Immune and Respiratory Support and Replace with :

    Yu Ping Feng San + Gui Zhi Tang and Elderberry #17
  • Remove Immune and Respiratory Support and Replace with : Jade Wind Screen with Cinnamon Twig and Elderberry #17
  • I like the design of #16 better. Not into the water droplet and I like the contrast of #16 better too. #17
  • you can remove the barcode, I won't be having one on my products. #16
  • I like what you've done with the black and green detail. I also like the sharpness of it but may I see it somehow softer? more organic? #16
  • Hello ch, Thank you so much for feedback also rating, please check updated design hopefully you will like thanks #17
  • Again, Let me see it with one of our actual product names and info:
    name: Flu Shot
    Immune Support #15

    and instead of "immune and respiratory support" use "Yu Ping Feng San + Gui Zhi Tang with Elderberry
  • Lets use our actual info so we can see how it will really look: 211 Fishkill Ave., Beacon, NY 12508, #15
  • a little too sterile, I like your entry #11 better #14