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Winning design #52 by ideasstudio, Label Design for ITAMA Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ideasstudio

Project description

The design of the desired product which is designed packing bottles of honey, bottle size with rectangular and round cap on the bottle resembles Manuka honey .. .. For Stingless bee Honey Propolis products..

" with tag line marketing : "more protein contained, more anti-axidant, natural antibiotic, comparing with ordinary honey"

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  • You have put a wrong bee's picture again :)) #49
    • @sielon Dear CH, Sorry for the mistake, had changed the bee to black color Stingless bee #53 , hope you like it. Best Regards

  • 5. Its not Manuka Honey... its a Stingless bee Honey ( Heterotrigoma Itama honey) #31
    • @sielon Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design, I revised the design as requested #49, hope you like it. Thanks & Cheers

  • Hi ideasstudio...
    1. could you please change the bottle's shape into the one o have posted, almost same with this, but with rectangular shape
    2. Regarding to the white sticker shape.. i don't like the round shape at top and bottom of 'ITAMA', looks not so minimalist design
    3. Please change the bee color into black
    4. The bottle will be in black transparent color in productions
  • Hi sielon, here's the bottle design. Looking forward to your feedback. (of course the bast an label are optional) #38
  • Can u make the bee like stingless bee that I was posted in this design please? Thks #31
    • @sielon Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design, I revised the design as requested #37, hope you like it. Thanks & Cheers

  • Hello, @sielon! Please take a look at my entries #32, #33, #34, #35. Any feedback from you would be great! Best regards
  • you were talking about the side view of the bee, right? I tried to make a friend, appealing version. I think this one's lovely- hope you like it too ;) #12
    • @kirarja the design looks nice with this model of the bottle with golden cap.. but we are going to use the bottle with rectangular body shape and black or white cap.. it would be totally different regarding to the impression

    • @kirarja please see the picture of botol attched for reference

    • @kirarja sorry, i mean bottle

  • Dear CH,

    This is what the design would look like when applied to a jar. I've reduced the opacity to 50% so that it has some transparency to it to make the honey inside shine!

    Regards, RS #26
  • Dear CH,

    Please let me know if you have suggestions on the logo and I'll be happy to revise it as fast as I can!

    Regards, RS #25
  • Hi, dear @sielon! Here are some versions from me #18, #19, #20, #21. #22! Please take a look and let me know, what do you think! Best regards and thank you for attention!
  • oh, I'm sorry I didn't really realise that they were actually looking quite different! the bee should have the right outline now. #11
  • hi..I think maybe the bee can be matched with the type of stingless bees that I the bee,I still see it as a Apis bee..thks #9
  • @sielon Hi, thanks for your feedback. Here's the label design with the logotype of your company. Let me know what you think. #9
  • hi..can you make this design "ITAMA" letters resemble with itama letter that I post? Thks #7
  • here is the front and back of the package design #8
  • here's another proposal, please let me know how you like it. thanks! #7
  • About #6, @Rastafari
    h! boss, goodmorning ^_^ would it be alright if we blind the contest..?^_^
  • we currently have no good quality image for the logo ... please designers make it..the letters should match with logo...but the color ,designer is free to determine that it becomes nice and lux...thks
  • Please upload your logo in better resolution ( EPS , AI ) vectors / colors and brand of your company

    best regards
  • thank's all designers..we are prefer there is picture of honey pot and stingless bee base on pictures that we can be real picture or art picture..thks