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Winning design #47 by moonart, Label Design for KickPOWER Foods Contest
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designed by moonart

Project description



pleas note that the logo does NOT need to have the website address and also the letters TM mas change for the R in the circle for (registered)

We have a line of nut snacks and mixes.


The idea is to make a label that looks expensive, looks organic and natural. This is a natural product.

Attached you can find some samples of similar products that are of less quality and not very focused on health.

Also attached you will se an image of the layout that I think we need to have.

Size of the bag is:   (9 tall x 6 wide)

Also attached is the ingredients chart that need to go on a second  label on the back of the bag.

See the samples attached and get creative.

(the first 2 images with the bag in silver color is the bag that we will be using)

Cholesterol Free

Trans Fats Free

Sodium Free


Product Name:   Energy Mix


Item Description:    A delicious mix of raisins and nuts



INGREDIENTS: Raisins (Vegetable Oil), Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Cashews, Brazil Nuts, Walnuts, Pecans, Pepitas.

Allergen Information: 

Contains: Peanuts and Tree Nuts.

Manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat and milk products

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  • Hello Mr. Ricardo I'm so excited, I'm aslo ready for any kind of edit before the deadline.
  • Dear Richardosinger,

    Here's the artwork with my own mockup. Any one can use my mockup but not label design or my artwork sytle. Hope you like it. Thank you. #45
  • Ed #45
  • Dear Richardosinger,

    I am really sorry for the inconveniences you are facing due to me. I thought competition is for label design not for mockup. It's ok I will soon upload my design with fresh mockup.
    • @Kash786 yeah its not about mockup but you directly using my own made mockup for THIS contest, side by side with my design, it totally not doesn't matter you win or lose..but if you do win, win with dignity..

    • @Nasrul it's ok nasrul I just want chicken to get best

    • @Kash786 contest holder not chicken

    • @Kash786 I will be back with my own mackup now and any one can use my mockup because I want my client to have best.

    • @Kash786 this contest is for label not for mockup. Anyway thanks you nasrul I don't have any offense to you. We both are Designer let the best design win and our contest holder get satisfied by our work.

    • @Kash786 o would have removed that mockup yesterday but I don't had system to to recreate my design at home I have system at office so I didn't withdrawn my design.

    • @Kash786 Nobody here is chicken..chicken doesn't design..btw good luck man...

    • @Nasrul same to you

  • idea to match your energy drink design,,hope you like it,,thanks #41
  • Hello Sir, here's another concept, hope you like it, waiting your feedback on it :)
    Thank You #38
  • Dear Richardosinger,

    Thank you for your ratings but waiting for your feedback. #34
  • Nice mockup..and why it looks exactly like mine? #37
  • Included more green borders and a different background pattern. Rearranged text elements. #33
  • Dear Ricardosinger,

    Many organic product vendor use this type of packaging to make their product feel rich and organic. hope you like my concept for your product. this artwork will definitely help your product to look organic and rich as superior brands. #26
    • @Kash786 This doesn't work because it covers most to the product. your other designs are more on point.

  • Front of transparent area more product view & more clear. #29
  • Hello Ch, please check my 1st design in your contest hopefully you will like appreciated feedback thanks #28
  • Hello Sir Here's my concept, hope you like it, please give me feedback on it then I'll upload the back of the package.
    Thank You #27
  • It is simple and gives organic feeling. #24
  • Dear Ricardosinger,

    here is my previous artwork as label. hope you like it. #23
  • Variation of previous design #21
  • Dear Ricardosinger,

    Here is an artwork for the label hope you like it. #13
    • @Kash786 Very nice, lets see, ill send more moments in a day or two. Thanks

    • @ricardosinger thank you. I am making one more label with previous artwork.

  • Thank you for your feedback earlier. Here is a version of the black background designs as they would be as labels. A bit of a pattern was added to the background to give it a mix of energy and texture. #18
  • Thank you for your feedback earlier. Here is a version of the black background designs as they would be as labels. A bit of a pattern was added to the background to give it a mix of energy and texture. #17
  • Energy Mix: Label Infront #16