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Winning design #153 by SobakaPavlova, Label Design for KRUPNIKOZ Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SobakaPavlova

Project description

I need a spirit bottle label. The label will be hot foil printed. This will be copper on a white background. The bottle shape is a common whisky bottle. 40% ABV and 70cl 700ml need to show on label. Would like a label for Batch number and Bottle number as we are a small craft distillery, this will be filled in by hand. The product is a Honey based spirit (distilled mead).

the product is similar to brandy but not based on a fruit, just honey. 
I will supply photos of a design i like, but don't want to copy it. It is just to show a copper foil label. The label in photo was sent to me by a label company as a sample. The bottle is my actual bottle. it will have a copper shrink wrap for the cork.
The spirit bottle label can contain words like "Hand crafted", "This traditional spirit is a multilayered infusion of honey and spices”.

Just for your knowledge this is a spirit that is honey based, with 15 assorted botanicals.

Label is 120mm wise and 80mm tall

I realise this may be a difficult project designing a spirit label from scratch, but appreciate your input.

Any questions please ask. This is my first contest so I’m learning how this works. I do need more designs for further spirits, but I’ll see how this works out first. 

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  • About #144, @SobakaPavlova or put the address where the signature is, just so that's its hidden in among label
  • About #144, @SobakaPavlova in the left column can we change it to read, quality ingredients and to the

    distillery is located in
    Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 6TW
  • I think it looks much more serious and better on a black background, more eye catching and looks like a premium brand. Changes on box design with few vintage details.
    On the shelf among a lot of boxes of other brands, my eye would stay on this box. What do you think? #143
  • Small changes around bee and color more like honey on black background. #140
  • i like this, we would have lots of spelling mistakes to correct #129
  • nice logo but no info for a bottle of spirit #139
  • Hi, My name is abdou and this is what I propose for your project. It's modern and professional. Please let me know what you like and dislike about the design. I'm happy to further refine it based on your needs

    Please rate my design and tell me for required changes.
    So that your expectation can be met.

    Awaiting for your kind comments.


    Regards/ #134
    • @LKstudios hi, the label is lacking information, such as a description of krupnikoz. That is quite important to me

  • @paulkozakiewicz hy sir, it seems like the bee in my design #47 flew to #120 design by @Nosib
    • @Idham I eliminated it

    • @paulkozakiewicz thank you for your response, see also other designs using the same bee only slightly modified on the back of the bee #119 #121. no problem you don't like my design, it's just that cheating doesn't deserve to be here.. Thanks.

  • @Nosib why did you steal my bee concept #47?
  • @nosib why did you steal my bee concept? #120 #47
  • i really like this design
  • About #103, @Nosib . Hi, there will be no colour on the label
    • @paulkozakiewicz Sir Thank you for your feedback, Check my new entry

  • I'm ready for your feedback #103
  • sir.. Any change massage me.Thanks #102( Design with safety mark and bleed)
  • About #90, One more design with changes on smaller label, and the cap is locked by a thin rope that passes through the wax seal stamp.
    If you, maybe, want some combinations of all my proposals, just let me know what combination you want (for example small label from #90 and big label from #68, or something else...) and I will upload it asap...Thank you in advance for your next feedback.
  • Sir, Here is my another design for you. Please see this and hopeful for your feedback. The feedback will give me idea to do better work. If any kind of change needed, please let me know. Thank you #87
  • Please check out my entry. I'll give you unlimited revision for this and provide you quality work according to your requirements #86
  • check please #85
  • kindly view this new design, thank you #84
  • Please check this proposal. It is possible for label to be bigger, but on real bottle you will see around bottle parts of the text you can not see here, of course. I would also appreciate your opinion about this box design. Please let me know if you want to see any other changes...Also I changed colour of liquid to be more like honey #82