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Winning design #8 by jan_van_lennip, Label Design for Liquid-Lab Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jan_van_lennip

Project description

basically I am open to your suggestions on design, thats kind of why i was asking for your help on Design Contest. we have around 12 different flavors of C-Liquid which I am not sure if you know what e-liquid is but people use it instead of cigarettes.

the small bottles come in two sizes, a 10ml bottle and a 50ml bottle. - c-liquid unlike e-liquid if in fact not for human consumption, it is classed as a research chemical.  I will also want to be able to use the same designs on foil grip seal packs that we will then put the small bottles into for added protection and also so we can add all the health and safety and hazard symbold to the packaging.

I have someone building me a website maybe this will help you see a bit more what i want.  - please note the images on the website are just samples and nothing to do with our C-Liquid's

please note the image on the homepage is not correct and just a sample image as this c-liquid is not for human consumption because it acts like cannabis if that helps you understand a bit more what i am getting at.

We currently have a very basic looking design and just wanted to improve on that, i will attache the image of what we have now to give you an idea.

i have also attached two example of the stickers we currently print and this is just two of the flavors we have around 12 in total
hope this helps and gives you some idea. the label could almost look like a scientific look to it.  please ask questions other than that please go be creative.

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