Mayajuel, Diosa Azul Tequila

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Project description

Label for an Ultra-Premium Tequila. Mayajuel (Company name) is the Aztec Goddess of the Agave plant. Doisa Azul (Brand Name is Spanish for Blue Goddess. There will be two labels the main Design Label and a label showing Alcohol content 40%Alc.Vol. and net contents 750ml.  What I am looking for is unique, eye catching and screams Luxury.

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  • Lower Anejo to make room for an image. #5
  • Move the Mayajuel lable up to the bottle neck #5
  • Add "Made in Mexico" under Ultra Premium #5
  • Make top band a little thinner #5
  • About #1, @jaycobbb Nice design, would be nice for a Wiskey but this is Tequila. Also Azul means Blue, so looking for something that says "Blue Goddess".
    • About #1, @royce_jones1 can you give me example of design u like? preview of tequila bootle with label, not to copy but i would like to know what style u like

    • About #1, @jaycobbb Don't know how to transmit a file to you.

    • @jaycobbb When I think of Aztec I think "gold", when I think Majayuel I think Agave and Blue.

    • @royce_jones1 just upload it in the brief, there is place where u can upload files :) on the down of the side

    • @jaycobbb Done. Not looking for a copy of the file, it is just my thoughts, impress me.

    • About #3, @jaycobbb The Blue and Gold is much better but the bottle is terrible.

    • About #5, @royce_jones1 I think you are getting pretty close. Need to add "Made in Mexico". Let's try the words Doisa Azul in Blue and see how that works. Then add a touch of art.