Mayajuel, Diosa Azul Tequila

I received several good designs for several people. I was impressed and excited about the contest much more than I thought I would be. There are some really good designers.

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Winning design #29 by sadzip, Label Design for Mayajuel, Diosa Azul Tequila Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sadzip

Project description

Label for an Ultra-Premium Tequila. Mayajuel (Company name) is the Aztec Goddess of the Agave plant. Doisa Azul (Brand Name is Spanish for Blue Goddess. There will be two labels the main Design Label and a label showing Alcohol content 40%Alc.Vol. and net contents 750ml.  What I am looking for is unique, eye catching and screams Luxury.

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  • Here is the same design imprinted on the different bottle. I tried to play with the logo a little bit without eliminating the goddess as the centerfold.

    Best regards.
    Fuurinkazan. #43
  • Here is another perspective of the print on the bottle design. #42
  • Late entry, I'm trying to make a blue Aztex Goddess as the center of this design and use metallic blue color to bring out luxury like you wrote in the brief. I really hope you like it and take my design to consideration.

    Best regards.
    Fuurinkazan #41
  • Hi, this is other version of branding, as you can see the elements can be moved to fit the bottle so any bottle you choose in the future will be ok. Hope you like it. #40
  • About #36, @orozko_2391 Very, very nice concept, very distinctive, however the bottle does not say "luxury".
    • About #36, @royce_jones1 Hi again, let me find another bottle, it was just an example of branding, the design has 5 different layers that can be moved so it can fit any bottle, i'll upload other version in a moment.

  • Please check my design...#38, #39
  • About #33, @afsalabu Simple, elegant, you scored well with this one.
  • Hi, good day, I hope you like my design, It's a simple but very distinctive design, it's elegant and represents luxury. Any suggestions please feel free to ask. Good luck with your contest. #36
  • Royce, hi! I made changes that you wrote to me. #32
  • Can the change from silver to gold? #30
  • About #30, @sadzip Excellent.
  • About #25, @afsalabu Vey nice but the bottle looks frosted, very expensive to do. Also the Trademark "Diosa Azul" is needed.
  • About #29, @sadzip Really liking this. There is a bottle with a glass cork in the drafts section. Apply this concept to that bottle. Thank you.
  • Royce, hi! I hope You enjoy my version of the label design, as well as my version blue goddess. #26
    • @ElenaR Very interesting concept, see my notes.

  • Make symmetrical and in-line. #24
  • Girl looks more like a farm girl than am aztec goddess. Can you give her a wild side? #26
  • Make the serpent gold and the feathers blue. #26
  • Perhaps make the serpent gold and the feathers blue. #27
  • About #27, @ElenaR Not really liking the picture of the girl. Maybe too cartoonish. I do like the serpent.
  • Add the Agave leaves to this picture. #26