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Label for a MEN day and night face foam. The label should be in direct communication with the man who decides for it. The man who use this face foam is a powerful weapon, he is THE MAN, he is THE SUPERHERO, he is AWESOME, he is THE IT ! This Foam regenerats after an awesome night, this foam makes your skin looking perfect befor the most important meeting of your life. This foam give the mans skin wings. Its includes an interactive mineral complex and it´s based on  spring water. Its 

dermatologically tested and full of awesome products that makes a man looks awesome

The Bottle (see in picture AND forget the current label on it !!!! ) looks like
grounded iron the main printed label should be transparent film.

The label size is height 70mm (
2.76 inches) and the length is 210mm (8.26 inches)

It is an 1.7 Fl. Oz. its 50ml

You can do the design in english, if needable we would transfer it into german

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  • Hello Sir,
    Updated aspect, and other color schemes you might prefer one of them or it's also optional for you.
    hope you like it.
    Thank you

    Best Regards #29
  • looks a little bit to NIVEA products i think there could be problems #26
    • @EmpireSports Thank you for the rating, I'm working on it to avoid that problem, and I'll upload it as soon as possible.

  • Hello Sir,
    Here's my approach, I'm sincerely sorry for being late, so because of time I'll make all changes if you liked the design and selected it as a winner in finalization step in case of running out of the time, and it's pleasuring to make it in German also, provide me your feedback, to make it much better.
    Thank you :)

    Best Regars #26
  • It's resolution is low. But the main file is high resoluted. It is a sample only. #20
  • The Logo Is Not Mine jet i am Not 100 % comfortable with it #8
    • @EmpireSports More plain title..#10 #11..thanks

  • It Is cool But i Think in this small Can it Would be too much Graphic artwork #4
  • The Color Is better Because it Is a smooth Lemon fragrance #8
  • The Color Is better Because it Is a smooth Lemon fragrance #8
  • Like that engeneerd for tough Guys thing #8
  • Maybe Write a Slogan engenieerd for the Tough guys #6
    • @EmpireSports Please check out my new design.. #7 #8..thanks

  • this Lower area Look Good But Not Perfect. Some more ideas Maybe could be great #6
  • Maybe there are more Ideas for the World graphic #6
  • Hi...please check out my new design...thanks.. #6
  • mens world #5
  • Anything white is transparent so it will show the metal on a clear label. #4
  • mens world #3
  • Hello there CH @EmpireSports ! Hope you are having a great day ! The label is designed to look very professional, cool and will attract buyers for sure ! Waiting for your valuable feedback on the design made. Ready to do any revisions if required. :)

    3B DESIGNS #2
  • Designers very important !!!!! The size of the can (brushed aluminium) is just in height 80mm with a diameter from 35mm !!! I think you should check out a mark-up with nearly there sizes. The hole height from bottom to top inclusive the cap is 120mm
  • About #1, @Nasrul i like the first hit nasrul, but we need to be cooler you know. when you will use it in the morning you will be the succesfull buisness man, and when you use it at night you have to whatch out from the evil women :)
  • you are right it is a foam, but not to clean. It is a foam at it´s own but when rub on face it is a creme after you washed your face. at the moment a customer would not know what or for what it is #1