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Winning design #100 by ndengdesign, Label Design for Montalvia Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ndengdesign

Project description

Quick summary and design guidance

1. The design must be clean and not very busy. Less elements with more detail are better than more elements with less detail.

2. The design should be on a clear background. We want the customer to see through the bottle. Please don't make the background blue like the majority of submitted designs, it should be clear/transparent. Only the text and ornaments should be in color. 

3. Gold color is the dominant color. Royal blue is supportive color which should be used to accent, highlight and supplement the gold color. Do not use other colors. You have three to chose from - gold, royal blue and transparent.

4. Don't forget the back side. We need that back label with the short story and chemical analysis as well.


Our product is pure artesian water with 24k gold flakes and dissolved minerals. We are targeting businesses which cater to upper middle and upper class - hotels, lounges, resorts, restaurants and so on. Our product combines two of the most precious elements to humans - artesian naturally mineralised water which gives us life and 24k gold which value is built on. Our mineral water comes from mountains in central Europe (Slovakia) and it is known for its high purity, delicious taste and various health benefits.

We are looking for a clean and elegant design that fuses old Slovak ornaments with bit of modernism while conveying luxurious and healthy lifestyle. The design should incorporate Slovak folk ornaments typical for the region the water comes from. Please see attachment ( for the ornaments you can choose from. We have selected a special glass bottle as a vessel for our water, please see attached document (fiche_axel_4.pdf) for exact specifications - we are using the 70cl (0.7 liters) version. has some examples of ornaments designs and the animated GIF of the bottle. contains blue color hues that we like.

The label should communicate both the origins of the water and the luxury and benefits of 24k gold. The water comes from ancient aquifers filled with waters that have filtered through vast layers of ancient rock. During this filtering process the various minerals including Magnesium. Gold on the other hand has been used by Ayurvedic healers for millennia to cleanse humans of negative energies.


The label will consist of two parts, front and back, and it will feature two primary colors, gold and dark blue, and related shades. Both labels will be printed on a clear/transparent foil so that the gold flakes can be seen through it. Front will be design rich and feature the product name, slogan and ornamental pattern. The back label will contain short description and chemical analysis and volume.

The front label should prominently feature the product name “Montalvia” which should be in gold modern-ish lettering and could be combined with royal dark blue accents contrasting with the gold, this is up to the designer. The label should also contain the following line in smaller lettering “pure artesian water infused with gold and minerals”. The front label should feature old Slovak ornaments in a pattern somewhere on it. It should also clearly and prominently indicate that 24 karat gold is present in the water. This could also be indicated using iconography like a stack of gold ingots. Thus majority of the label area will be see-through/transparent. Please don't make the background blue, we want it to be clear. 

The back label will be placed at the lower end of the bottle. It will feature the same Slovak ornaments and this text: “Long before humans settled central Europe, glacial water seeped through ancient, mineral-rich volcanic layers infusing itself with healing minerals. It remained deep down in protected aquifers until we brought it to you.” Below that will be table outlining the mineral contents: Mg2+ 186mg, Ca2+ 120mg, NH4+ 1,8, Na+ 260mg, HCO3- 1960mg, H2SiO3 100, Au 20mg, CO2 2537 (all values per 1 liter)  Below that should be a long line of text separated by some dividers: 0.7 liters of deliciousness | Made in Slovakia |

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  • Montalvia label with skandinavian ornaments and gold/blue color palette.

    i hope you like it. Thanks. Greeting. Josep. #106
  • Montalvia label with skandinavian ornaments and gold/blue collor palette.

    Please let me know if theres anything you want me to change/edit.

    thanks. Greetings. Josep. #103
  • Montalvia label design with skandinavian ornaments and gold/blue collor palette.

    pls let me know if theres anything you want me to change/edit.

    Thank, greetings. Josep. #102
  • hi I have revised according to your direction, I'm happy to help you thank you #100
  • this is very simple design and the main thing about it is logo and please check colour matter #97
  • Very creative! we like how the back label complements the front label. One of our favorite designs, thank you. #80
  • Just add a label on the neck just like the other. Hope you like it.

    Thank you. #94
  • can you please add back the gold bottle neck label that you created in your first and second design? #91
  • can you remove the word Montalvia #91
  • can you please change the blue background color to clear/transparent #91
  • I realized that in this contest there are many who are better than me. but I feel this is extraordinary, thank you for your direction. #91
  • О дизайне #80, @olgert
  • If there's any problem i can fix it. The project was made in Illustrator. #77
  • Montalvia Label Design #68 #74
  • Please sir check this creative unique logo design. #70
  • I try my best for you. #69
  • Let's replace this with the original ornamented MV. I would like to see it in both blue and gold variations #62
  • Let's keep the neck clear - no labels #62
  • I hope ,you like it #65
  • About #62, @ndengdesign there is one thing I want to ask. Do you like the color of gold that I made gradations or later you print using gold ink? I suggest you use gold ink.

    because if you use color gradations that are not solid and not readible, the preview that I made is for comparison