Im in general very happy with the work of this deseigner in particular , but i am also very disapointed the most of the rest designers , i did not get many more posible proposals

$300 paid

45 custom designs

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Winning design #42 by ElenaR, Label Design for RETA Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ElenaR

Project description

Tequila bottle , the main image should be the eagle

in the code of arms , the label should be well appreciated

 with a yellow or transparent background  due to the color

of tequila , yellow, and transparent in case for the silver tequila
, the eagle should have 2 heads and not one , I would like it not to have a square limitations as a label , but let the image play around the bottle in a baroque style with the wing tips , I would like the eagle to be black so the color palette would be in yellow due to the content (tequila) and black, or transparent and black , any other suggestions can be accepted , or adding images is also accepted  in addition to the eagle ( the eagle )is part of my code of arms ).(the last imagine ) open for modifications.
I would prefer it not to have a background and keep it
transparent so we avoid shapes
( a square label ) .

It is planned to be an export product for Europe and USA very high quality tequila 100% agave ,family owned very traditional very expensive and must express the luxury behind the product.

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  • ok probably the last modification , can you just modify the wings of the eagle and put the ones on the entry 41 please , you are most probably the winner of the contests, thak you . #42
  • Gabriel, hi! Did as You requested. #41
  • with bottle aplicationing #40
  • with bottle aplication #39
  • means accept what you received an infaction
  • and please do the same with your other designs #28
  • on entry 31 the eagle has like some lines around it , could you add soemthing like this to cover a bigger part of th bottle , make it feel not empty on th bottom and top. #28
  • Hi

    I have made a preview of a label, on which the name (RETA) and the eagle are cut out and will be coloured with tequila itself.

    Best regards, Vangaro. #33
  • This very much looks like the Albanian flag and Kosovo flag. Just an observation.
  • Dear Contest Holder @GabrielP, here are my updated designs, please check it. #29 #30. Thank you, Anna
  • Gabriel, hi! How about this design? #28
  • About #27

    Dear @GabrielP,

    I look forward for your feedback on my first design. Hopefully you like it.

  • thank you for your feedback , it is logo with the bottle , you can choose the shape of the bottle according to your wishes.
    Best Regards, Ahmad #26
  • love the long wings , would you change the presentation to two bottles like on entry 21¿ #20
  • i like it , would you recomend anything ?'
  • please present it on a botle like entry number 21 or similar
  • This is my design, Please feedback if anyone wants to be changed / added
    Thank you,
    Regards, Fauzi #25
  • if there is to be changed / added, please :) #21
  • Dear Contest Holder @GabrielP, here are my designs #18 #19. Please check them, I'd like to receive your feedback to improve my work. Thank you, Anna
  • Simple concept, made with adobe illustrator, png file high resolution 300 ppi #16