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Winning design #21 by 7AW, Label Design for Safeguard Brands, Inc Contest
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designed by 7AW

Project description


We need a label designed for a new product line that will dry out wet phones and other devices. There are 3 sizes of the product, so we need 3 labels, but they will be mostly the same design. We guarantee the best design will win but we may have an offline submission so we can't do an official guarantee through the site.

The product is similar to the "rice trick" except we use the most powerful dessicant available for extremely fast and thorough drying of wet electronic devices.

The label will go on the outside of a pouch that the wet device can be placed in and sealed to quickly and completely dry it out as the strong dessicant pulls the moisture from deep inside the device.

Our concept is the “Nine Lives Wet Phone Fix” and we are wanting a label that lets the buyer know this is a seriously effective technology but at the same time we want it to be appealing in an amusing way too, so we are wanting to feature a cat character as a mascot. How you choose to use the cat mascot is up to you. It could be wet or dry, doing something, full body or just a face...

It is important that the label be attractive and also communicate to the buyer what the product does. Of course there is a 9 lives cat food, so how it is presented visually is important in completely disassociating our product from that one. There are many ways of portraying the “Nine Lives” text in a totally different way and that will have to be done.

We don't want to restrain your creativity so there are few requirements, but there are some “must haves” and some “suggestions”:


4” wide x 5” tall, (.0125" bleed)


Text: “Nine Lives” or “9 Lives”

Text: “Wet Phone Fix” 

Text: “Uses the top-performing dessicant”

Cat mascot in some form


The “hero” or most prominent text should probably be “wet phone fix” or “wet phone”

It is probably better to keep the cat character simple

One or both of these: (You may modify the text on these if you keep the meaning)

up to 10x FASTER than other common methods”

Dries Faster, Safer, and Better!”


We have larger sizes too for larger devices. The labels for those can be basically the same except these products will be:

Wet Tablet Fix”

Wet Laptop Fix”

Thank you very much for your contribution! Good luck!

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