Seal Gin

Phopon did a very good job. Has understood the job, made quick optimizations and class communicates, it does not get any better.

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Winning design #55 by Phopon, Label Design for Seal Gin Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Phopon

Project description

We want to release a new gin. The problem is, there are already 100,000 gin's. Therefore, it is important that the label in the bars immediately catches the eye. So, get dressed ... go to the bars and see what works. The label should have a seal with a tangerine on the nose. It would be important if the proximity to the sea still comes through. More information see description and the file. That's the way to go. Please do not play anything. Clear, modern and high quality it should come across.

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  • Shown are a mock-up, a 5-color, and a single color version of the same design. #87
  • clear transparent seal with some orange gradient. #84
  • simple bold strong colors will make bottle stand out #83
  • YOU still looking for more new designs?
  • Hi Tjalf,
    The Main idea: bartenders puts several varieties of gin nearby on the shelf,
    most varieties of gin in transparent glass bottles, and I think a black bottle will stand out well against their background.
    I will be glad to your comments and ready to edit. #81
  • About #69, @Phopon
    Hello sir ... please check the new version with dark colors around and a little "premium dry" font change, hopefully you like it, if any revision will be ready, thanks and have nice day ... :)
  • 5 #66
  • 3 #65
  • Über das Design #59, @Phopon very nive to
    • @tjalf_nienaber .. Thanks sir :)

  • Über das Design #54, @Phopon : what is the different to #55?
    • @tjalf_nienaber ,design # 54 is thicker than # 55 so it's up to you to choose which one ... :) thanks for feedback sir...

  • I´m sorry, it is a copycat from phobon #60
  • Über das Design #55, @Phopon . Great. so we wait 2,3 Day, but that ist our absolutly favourite
  • Hi what is the size (i.e, width x height ) inches of the label you want?

    Also will the label be wrapped around bottle or etched / embossed on the bottle? Please mention!
  • 2 #62

  • Please like to copy something new and not from the design of Phopon. Thank you.
    • @tjalf_nienaber Thank you for your feedback, and just few informations for you, before I finish with your contest: 1. Nobody here did not copy Phopon, all designs are SAME, because you want only that in your brief and comments 2. Few differences are only in frame shapes, and it can only be there, according to your comments, since your comments are visible to all designers 3, But if you think that I, or somebody else copied Phopon's shape of frame or design, than you should look at design numbers (if you don't remember that), and you will see that Phopon first copied Erkou's frame shape and design on #8, because Erkou got the best rating first. 4. Also similar frame shape is on lot of numbers of bottles and definitely can not catch the eye, like you want, but this is your choice and I respect it and it does not matter what a designer thinks, although he knows how the eye-catching design works. Have a nice day.

    • @tjalf_nienaber And one more fact! I am first who uploaded small label for cork, on the top of the bottle. After that you asked from Phopon to include it in his design. So please explain why you and Phopon copying my idea together? I am done with your contest. Thank you.

  • About #56, Hello sir ... I have revised this from number 43, I hope you like it, thank you :)
  • About #54, Hello sir this my revision please check... thanks :)
  • 1 #53
  • About #43, Ok sir ok sir .. thanks for the feedback, i will fix it soon :)
  • Please like to copy something new and not from the design of Phopon. Thank you. #51